Another in an endless day of stupid support calls

So, a manager at one of our remote locations (about 10 miles away) calls the help desk.
“I can’t print to my printer.”
Local printer, the HD does the usual troubleshooting, they’re unable to correct the problem, so I dispatch a technician to go take a look.
The technician arrives in good time, the manager is not around, so she troubleshoots the printer. Everything seems to be in order, no problem that she can find, so she leaves a notice to call the help desk if she (the manager) continues having problems.

Two hours later, our erstwhile manager calls the help desk. It seems that HER printer wasn’t the one with the problem, but one of her employee’s printers doesn’t work, and it seems that somebody was there and FIXED THE WRONG PRINTER:smack:
Apparently, the troubleshooting the help desk did was on the wrong printer, and our lovely manager was too stupid to realize the difference.

So…I get to dispatch another tech to drive the 10 miles. :dubious:

Can you tell me why my blue thing is so small? Also, my double click doesn’t work sometimes — could you fix it? And one last thing, my pppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp key sticks.

bah! 10 miles…Ah the differences between MN and CA. Like 10 miles is remote!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Your blue thingy is so small because you’re sitting directly under the air conditioner. Coincidentally, that’s also why it’s blue:D

I can fix your double click problem if you send your email address. I’ll send you a link, simply double click on it the next time your double click doesn’t work.:smiley: :smiley:

And, your ppppppppppppppppppppp key problem is because your goat-felching idiot manager thought she was pppppppppping in her own keyboard.:smack:

Of course, working in tech support means you occasionally get to throw a scare into people. A few days ago, a guy swung by my office, saying his comptuer was giving him a funny message, something like “NT not found”, when he booted his computer. Trying to prepare him for the worst-case scenario, I explained we might have to reinstall Windows 2000 on his machine. He seemed apprehensive. Upon arrival at his office, I looked at his screen and asked him to remove the floppy disk from the drive.

“Erstwhile…” I think this word does not mean what you think it means…

I wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised :smiley:

A friend in an office I worked in a few years back, reported playing with another’s mind one morning. It seems his friend had just set up a new fax, and asked if the he could help him test it out by faxing something to him. He faxed him a blank piece of paper several times. The rest of the story even I don’t believe. (“If you’re not going to take that back, you better fax that to their tech line and see if they can tell you what is wrong)
Techs have a tough life I’ll bet.

Ahhh, the joys of technical support! I had a customer call me once, because the cell phone he’s had for -6- months, didn’t have a dial tone. D’OH