Another Interview Project

Hello again.

This interview is for my class on Family: A World Perspective. It’s a class on cultural diversity. What I need is someone who has immigrated to the US in the last ten years who’s willing to answer a few questions on the adjustments you had to make.


But I haven’t finished the LAST one! Good thing I don’t qualify for this, since that would have required the Confederacy to have won.

As for the last one, I got too bogged down as my writings turned into an unsolicited testimonial for Prozac. No wisdom of the ages there; hell, I can barely remember most of my life. So I gave up. Hope you got enough GOOD responses.

Actually, I got many good responses, dropzone. Maybe too many. I’m having trouble deciding what to use! So don’t worry about it. Thanks for offering though. Just remember next time I’m coming for you first.

Back to the OP. I can’t believe there’s no recent immigrants on this board. Okay. If not one of the Teeming Millions, does anyone know anybody they could pass this along to?