Another Netflix Queue Recommendation Thread

I usually just scoop recommendations from current threads asking for them but I don’t see anything recent. I like crime/mob flicks, action, sci-fi, sometimes drama. Here’s a list of my recent titles. Perhaps you kind folks can suggest some older movies or tv series I’ve missed.

I watched all the available Deadwood dvds and I’m really looking forward to the rest becoming available. I tried the first disc of The Wire and thought it was ok but it didn’t grab me as a must watch show. Sopranos is one I’m still catching up on. Carnivale is cool and I can’t remember where I left off on that series.

So anyway here are some recent titles I’ve seen. Any suggestions?

Hard Candy
X-Men: The Last Stand
The Proposition
Thank You for Smoking
The Usual Suspects
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Lucky Number Slevin
Running Scared
Battle Royale (Batoru rowaiaru)
High Tension (Haute Tension)
Underworld: Evolution
An American Haunting
Silent Hill
Inside Man
Cache (Hidden)
The Getaway
Ichi The Killer
The Hills Have Eyes
Aeon Flux
Last Night
V for Vendetta
Orange County

It’s a long list so if you don’t feel like reading it just throw out some titles you enjoyed. Thanks folks!


Layer Cake

The new Doctor Who series is available on Netflix, if you haven’t already seen it on Sci-Fi.

I was going to recommend Ultraviolet based on your having seen Aeon Flux, but then I saw you already watched that too. But when I called it up on Netfilx it recommended Transporter and Transporter 2.

I liked both those movies. Good action but not too heavy.

Did you ever watch the La Femme Nikita TV series? Fun stuff.

How about the MI-5/Spooks TV series? I follow that one too. It’s pretty good.

I added Following even though it sounds and looks familiar, added Layer Cake too. I’ve only seen part of the new Dr. Who so perhaps I’ll snag a disc and see if it grabs me the sci-fi and curlys. I didn’t care for the Nikita series but that MI5 looks like it’s worth a shot too. Transporter 2 I forgot all about! I liked the first one.

Thanks folks, keep em coming :slight_smile:

Following may look familiar to you because it’s very similar in tone to Memento, though the plot is quite different.

**The Proposition ** is good.

**Hard Candy ** is very good.

**Thank You For Smoking ** is good.

Not on your list but I thought **Down In The Valley ** was excellent.

Brick was O.K. but I can see where some people might not like it.

After re-reading the OP I’m confused as to whether you’ve seen the movies on your list or seen the titles at Netflix and wondered if they were good. I assumed the latter. Sorry if I misunderstood.

Those are the ones I’ve seen. Well, The Proposition and Hard Candy are on tonights double feature, Thank You For Smoking is tomorrow’s matinée. :slight_smile: I didn’t really care for Brick while actually watching it but I can appreciate what it was going for after the fact.

The original crime/caper/heist film, Rififi.

Season 4 of Scrubs is out. Highly recommended by moi.

Since you have a few horror flicks listed, maybe you should check out one of the best flicks to come out of South Africa (set in Namibia)

Dust Devil (I’m guessing that netflix won’t give you the 5 disc version) :frowning:

Night Watch

First off, I have to ask…did you see these ones for the narrative subtext and taut thrills, or for the violence gore?

…Cause, hey, if it’s violent gore you want…I can point you in the right direction, Netflix-wise. Just give the word.

Otherwise, let’s see…for crime/drama, I’d suggest:
Thief (With James Caan)
Sorcerer (The remake of Wages of Fear. Not directed by Ridley Scott with a score by Vangelis, but you could’ve fooled me.)
Snatch (You’ve probably seen this one already, I’ll bet.)

For action:
Resident Evil: Apocalypse (Bet you’ve seen those last two, too.)
Masters of the Universe (The live-action He-Man flik, with Dolph Lundgren. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, and neither should the viewers. It’s a kick.)
Dog Soldiers (Kinda like Zulu…with werewolves.)

Keep your eyes peeled for “SS Doomtrooper,” if Sci-Fi ever reruns it or releases it to DVD. A fun, dumb, movie that has a good time ripping off Wolfenstein.

Rififi - added

Scrubs - I’ve only seen this one sporadicly. I should start from the beginning, thanks.

Dust Devil - I’m not actually using Netflix, I’m in Canada and the service here is called and they don’t even have this one available. It looks like a good one though. Perhaps I’ll have to visit the big blue rental store and see if they have it.

Ichi the Killer - was really dumb but the gore was comical.

The Hills Have Eyes - was really dumb but the gore was…gory. There were a couple really creepy parts.

Battle Royale - was fun, I actually liked the plot.

So feel free to recommend some gore fests.

Thief - added.

Sorcerer - added.

Snatch - seen it but it’s a fun flick so I’ll see it again :slight_smile:

Master of the Universe - added, that sounds like fun too.

Dog Sodiers - Woot! Werewolves! AAAARRRROOOOOOOO !

Thanks very much folks!

As for pure gore…(heh-heh-heh!)

Jungle Holocaust and it’s “sequel” (not a continuation of the story, but the same subject and themes) Cannibal Holocaust—two of the most (in)famous examples of the Italian “cannibal movie” subgenre. Sometimes mistaken for snuff films. Contains murder, sex, (unsimulated) animal deaths, sexual abuse, torture, small-scale crimes against humanity, and, of course, cannibalism.
Guinea Pig 2: Flower of Flesh and Blood. Also mistaken for a genuine snuff film, it’s basically a…simulated snuff film. VERY well-done gore effects, spooky as a clown in a graveyard.
Men Behind the Sun—Chinese exploitation film about the “exploits” of Japan’s infamous Unit 731, during WWII. Think of Shindler’s List, if done by Troma. The really creepy thing is, as over the top as it is, the Japanese didn’t actually behave much better…if at all.
Zombie (aka Zombi, aka Zombi 2 (1979) One of Zombie Lucio Fulci’s infamous zombie flicks. Actually, I thought it was pretty slow, and not that great…except for the few bright spots of gore, special horror, or unusually artistic creative zombie attack scenes, which alone really make it worth seeing.
Ricki-Oh (aka The Story of Ricky)—Hong Kong action film. A very gory, silly Hong Kong action film. How much? At one point, a guy rips out his own intestines to strangle someone with. It’s like Itchy and Scratchy. You must see it. :smiley:
Dead Alive—Peter Jackson’s zombie movie. It defies description—except maybe “like Evil Dead, only it doesn’t take itself as seriously.” Classic. I give it four skulls!

Plus, I feel I should mention a few other horror classics:

Day of the Dead. Romero’s classic Zombie flick. Good movie, good gore.
Return of the Living Dead, 1 and 2. (I can’t vouch for movies 3 and up…well, 3 was OK.) Kind of a black-comedy zombie series, responsible for the “zombies want to eat brains” cliche. VERY well-done zombies, especially the “Tar Man” from no. 1.
Re-Animator (And it’s sequels, Bride of Reanimator and Beyond Reanimator)—Cult classic horror flicks, featuring Jeffery Combs’ unforgettable portrayal of a scheming mad scientist. The third one in the series is pretty weak…except for the odd Eurotrash music video on the DVD, “Move Your Dead Bones” which is just awesome.

Cool, thanks Ranchoth I’m all set for zombie gore and violence just in time for the Giftmas shopping season :slight_smile:

Probably some you’ve seen before-

Frailty - creepy
Face Off
History of Violence - not bad
City of Gold
Cure - Japanese
The Vanishing - Dutch Version
Walk on Water - Hebrew (didn’t get great reviews but I thought it was good)