Another NYC landmark bites the dust: Goodbye Times Square Howard Johnson's

According to Playbill On-Line the Howard Johnson’s at 46th & Broadway is closing later this year. :frowning:

That was the restaurant where I ate my first meal in New York City.

Ohhh . . . I’ve eaten there many a time. Great fried clams. Is the Gaiety Male Burlesque still right around the corner?

Also used to eat the the Third Avenue Automatic, long-gone as well . . .

—Mrs. Astor

Yep, it’s one of my fond memories of my first trip to NYC back in 1994. I’ll miss the Gaiety theatre too.


Sic transit Gaiety mundi. So, too, the grand old rehearsal halls next to the Gaiety.

It’s funny, Mrs Cheesesteak works at the Lunt-Fontanne, right down the street from HoJo’s and I often meet her for lunch. We’ve never set foot in there. I guess Playbill was right that the show people don’t bother with the place.

I think we will have to get at least one lunch there before they go away for good.


I literally just had a look at it from my office window. Goodbye, awkward Saturday lunches with the partner who regularly hauls me in on the weekend.

The one at 52nd and 8 th is also gone - is it coming back after reno or gone forever. I lived right behind it in the 70’s. There was a very busy fire station across the street from it - imagine a hotel with a howling fire stn for a neighbour - only Hojo would.

Slight hijack, but re: NYC landmarks–are there any Dopers out there willing to do me a favor and mail some postcards to me of some specific NYC architectural landmarks?

E-mail me if you’re game (I’d compensate)…

Thanks. :slight_smile:

MY SO will be very saddened. He discovered strawberry shortcake at that Howard Johnsons, and to the amazement of the waitress, ate 5 of them in one sitting (and he was and is a thin guy). He went back the next day and had three more.

And at the Gaiety, there was nothing short on that beefcake.
I have memories from there too, but those shall be tucked away in my “ohmygodicantbelieveididthat” file.

Rumor has it Wilson Brian Key orchestrated the closing.

It’s not as sad as the closing of the last Automat on on the southeast corner of 42nd & 3rd. At least in the case of HoJo’s, you can still have your hunger for nostalgia sated on East Houston - provided the occasional bedbugis your cup of tea.

Are the owners of the Plaza gonna buy the HoJo building and turn it condo too? :mad:

I’ll miss it. I’m not sure if I’ve been in it more than once, but I used to pass it almost every time I was in the City.
When did they get fake leather seats? I thought they had those HoJo orange-and-blue vinyl seat coverings.

Oh, that’s a shame. It was so… interesting… to be in a HoJo’s right there in the middle of TS.

Too bad, it’s a great place to go if you feel like pretending you’re in a Tom Waits song.

Are either Norm’s or The Copper Penny still in LA?

I always wanted me one of those Breaded Salsbury Steaks in a Shake-N-Bake topped with a provocitive sauce of Velveeta & Half and Half…smoothered with Cambell’s Tomato Soup.