Another plane crash in NYC this morning, terrorism not ruled out.

Great, just great…just when you think all this crap is over you wake up in the morning and see another airliner crashed in NYC. Actually for those who have not heard another American Airlines plane just went down in Queens.

They do not know if it is terrorism yet, but they tend to think against it. Apparently there was no news from the cockpit before the crash. Which would make one tend to think there was no terrorists on board getting into the cockpit. However, a bomb going off would have the same effect of downing a plane.

An arguement against terrorists attack…there is nothing strategic about Queens. Right?! Why would someone want to blow a plane up over a residential area?

I think there have been posts in the past two months that America is getting less and less vigilant, and we are playing the “normal American” act here. ‘This’ll all blow over soon…’ attitude. Well folks I hope vigilance remains strong. Lets hope at this time that this was a horrible accicdent, and not another act of terror.

Question: Should we be worried in America, or should we just remain vigilant and watch…?

No need to think terrorism first, or even second or third – we’ll all have to wait until more details come in.

Eyewitnesses on the ground have reported that pieces of debris were shearing off the plane’s left engine (engines?) while in flight before the plane went down. More details to follow.

The entire UN counsil is in NYC right now. OBL threatened them last week. Said the entire counsil is criminals…

The definition of ‘Coincidence’ is something that is seemingly planned…

Anyway you look at this its just not good.

Link to General Questions thread discussing this.

Only seem to have, Phlosphr. Not have. :wink: Don’t put on the gas mask just yet.

Osama’s been threatening people since 1996. And planes do suffer engine failure and go down in clear weather, whether or not any sociopaths made threatening remarks the week before.

Sorry Duck I’m not putting on the gas mask just yet. I am actually sitting in my office not having to go to class today because a lot of the kids here are from NYC and there was simply no one here. Everyone in the department are all just watching CNN. Seems all the stations are streaming the same video, not a lot of diversity here yet.

Yes yes Duck good reflection on coincidence. … ‘seem to have a connection’… Well then I must say, the events of today and two months ago, seem to have a connection. Planes, NYC, American Airlines…

Phlosphr, JFK is a very busy airport and an accident like this, five miles away, is not necessarily suspect. The circumstances remind me more of the Concorde crash in Paris last year than the events of September 11th. Eye-witnesses quoted on the CNN site made the same comparison.

I don’t think anyone will be flying American Airlines for a while, though…!

I’m not trying to be arguementative, but saying “terrorism not ruled out” is the same as saying “tiny gremlins not ruled out.”

Nothing is ruled out yet because no one knows what happened yet.

Not panicking is a good thing.

I must admit, however, that sometimes a jaundiced and slightly paranoid world-view is more accurate. I am specifically thinking, Duck Duck Goose of an anthrax thread in which you told the board how you reassured your son by nothing how unlikely it was the the “suspected” anthrax cases would turn out to be real, and how it was even more unlikely that others would emerge.

At that time, one person had died.

Since then, of course, most of the “suspected” cases turned out to be real, additional cases did develop, and at least three others have died.

This has, of course, no probative value as to the question of whether or not terrorists had anything to do with today’s crash. But it does suggest, at least to me, a sense that while I tend to immediately suspect the worse, you tend to assume the best.

  • Rick

And I suppose you’ve ruled out tiny gremlins?

I sure haven’t.

Be vigilant, the gremlins know fear.


Since my company reinsures aviation we are giving very close attention to this disaster. I just spoke to our in-house expert, Doug.

Doug says it’s too early to tell whether it was terrorism or not. His impression is that the plane may have been heading back to airport, which would indicate that the pilot knew there was a problem. If they dumped fuel, then they definitely know there was a problem, but there’s no indication as of yet whether they dumped fuel.

Early reports mention an engine falling off and someone said something about a wing falling off. Doug said that an accident could easily lead to an engine falling off, but not to a wing falling off.

And if we live in fear, the gremlins have already won.


…and if we live in fear the Gremlins have already won…


rock on Katisha I completely agree. The object in this crazy game is to not be in fear.

Considering how much attention is being paid to airport security it would not be suprising if they let mechanical failures slip through that they would normally catch.

According to Yahoo news:

``All information we have currently is that this is an accident,’’ said Marion Blakey, chairwoman of the National Transportation Safety Board"

No, actually, Rick, I generally tend to assume the worst, but when I get to the point where the Feds have told me, with long, serious faces, at least three times now that “a new act of terrorism is imminent”, and so far nothing has happened (September 22, the middle of October, and the recent Golden Gate Bridge thing), I kind of stop assuming the worst and start assuming the best. Ho-hum. Another alert.

Not to mention:

  1. There are 30 Ryder trucks missing, and they were all rented by Arabs.
  2. There will be acts of terrorism against shopping malls at Halloween.
  3. Anthrax found at the Decatur Post Office!

I’m automatically subtracting at least 50% for exaggeration from now on, which means that Osama probably doesn’t have nukes, but just a couple crates of remaindered Russian SAMs. :smiley:

And supposing I had “assumed the worst”, and told Bonzo, “Yes, it’s the beginning of a TERRIBLE epidemic, and probably thousands and thousands of people will die”, and supposing I had “assumed the worst” and joined in the OP’s hand-wringing, “Oh my god we’re all gonna DIE, the terrorists are BAAAACK!!”? What on earth good would that have done? Just got people upset.

Listen, I’m the person who had canned beans for emergency rations in the bottom of the pantry all through the 1970s, when Armageddon was “any day now”. Don’t talk to me about “assuming the worst”, 'cause I’ve been there. :smiley: