Another Return of the Religous Nutball

I hate to correct your friend, but only Mormons go to Heaven.

I mean South Park wouldn’t lie…

would it?

What you need is a wild-eyed, rabid feminist friend and a bottle of tequila to spike the punch, and maybe a garden hose. Perfect Forth of July party.

I’d volunteer, but I have developed a sense of humour in my old-age.

I worked at the main Sony office until a few months ago. Have you guys started getting HDD questions yet? Maybe you should tell your friend to get one so he can burn the evil roleplaying game Final Fantasy MMMDCLXXIV with it.


Was it modded?

AskNott nice funny sig! Badger, badger…

In your life, you will meet one nut. Hell, I’m one (not religion wise, I’m atheist…yeah, I want to ruin the world and I’ll burn in hell)

It’s sad when there was someone you’ve known for a long time and considered a good friend, then something changes to the point that you don’t want to have contact with them anymore.

This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all week.