Another Saturday night and I ain't got nobody...

I got some money…and it’s the same old shit around here. (Athens,TX) I’d go out around here but like I said. Everyone knows me and that’s the problem.
So who wants to go party. I’m buying. It’s still early, not even 9:00 yet. That leaves plenty of time to go do something. I’m either headed into Tyler or Palestine. Maybe Dallas, but I’d have to figure out where to crashout just in case.
I’m gonna catch a quick shower and change. Won’t take ten minutes then I’ll check back in and I’m gone somewhere. Not that particular, country, r&r, I’m just an old head banger anyway, so whatever. No fighting though…I got tired of that bullshit years ago. ~later t/k

If you can catch a quick flight up to Calgary, you can c’mon out and shoot some pool and drink some Keith’s at Original Joe’s.

I wasn’t going to go out tonight, but if you want to pick me up, we’ll go to the Pittston Tomato Festival.

I should be able to get myself ready by the time you get here. The porch light will be on, just honk.

I appreciate the invites but I guess I’m gonna have to pass this time. Done w/ the shower. Lookin for some jeans and vest then I’m grabbin a beer and out. Time’s a runnin. :wink:

Well, Standup, I guess our first attempt at “Elimidate” was a miserable failure. :frowning: :smiley:

One of us really should call Miss Garner and let her know we won’t be there.

Guess I got wooshed on that Casey. Sorry guys but maybe next time. Meet ya in the middle somewhere. Gotta run in a minute. Check my list…wranglers, wrangler belt…python boots…tank top, leather vest, side arm, straw hat, zippo filled, extra stogeys and overnight bag. Check…well I’m gonna feed the dog and hope that old '65 ford pickup has plenty of gas and grab a beer headin out the door. :wink: y’all have a good’un.

Am I the only one who somehow finds it ironic that a poster whose name is written t-keela spells Texas Tejas?

Not that I’m being critical, but my sense of word-play has been invoked. Since Tequilla is clearly not an English word and t-keela seems more of an Anglofied version, and Tejas is an un-anglofied version of Texas.

I think that’s interesting.

Or, maybe it’s late and I should go to bed.

I don’t know anything about no t-keelas or teeequilas or tea-keelyahs, but I just got home and t-keela didn’t show up. But I did go out with a buddy, and we met these young. young ladies, and we drank and partied with them, and then we wanted to go home and they made us go to the young, young pub, and we drank and partied, and then we wanted to go home and they made us go to the young, young bar, and we drank and partied AND DANCED and then I wanted to go home so they let me. But we’re taking them out next week. Good for us.

Eonwe Sorry, I didn’t mean to confuse anybody. What is it that’s got ya baffled? How about I like the more “original” spelling of Texas better. No reason, just do. How about, I like to drink tequila. But since there’s another doper (or was when I first came here) that was using tequila in their name, I just did it a little different. Or maybe I’m just not quite normal myself and like doing things a little different than most folks. I’ve always had a fondness for old Mexico anyway. I really like the old timers there too. I used to spend a lot of time there when I was younger. Learned to enjoy tequila there as well. How it all ties together? Who knows, never thought about it before. If you figure it out let me know.

Just got back BTW had a decent time. Nothing exciting though, I’ll try it again next weekend maybe.

S/K might ought to be careful with then young young ladies. Then again, I guess age is a relative comparison. If you ever get down to these parts, give me a holler. I’ll hook ya up with some cowgirls. They like to ride hard. :smiley:

No worries. I wasn’t confused, I just thought I’d share the bizarre thought processes that go through my mind late at night that keep me entertained. :slight_smile: