It is Friday, what are you doing tonight?

As for me, I am going to a naked hottub party. Lots of booze, munchies and beautiful women. I love Madison!

Well good for you. I’m so happy for you, really. While you are going to be doing that I will be squatting feverishly over the porceline thrown hoping that the next nuggets that elope from my crapsack will be solid.

Damn, damn, damn bad spoiled mexican food.

Did the hot tub thing last week.
Leaving tonight to go camping.

I’ve got a hot date with a C5 transmission I’m putting in my old P.O.S. truck. We’re having beers.

I’ll be stewing in my own juices of suspicion, fear, anger and dread.

Dinner date with hubby, I think. The Perfect Child[sup]TM[/sup] is working tonight so it’ll be an adult evening. Ooooohh, yeah!

committing the sin of Onan.

I will either be assembling the electronics bay for my latest rocket project or playing EverQuest

I have no life…

Dungeons and Dragons.

Playing Diablo, watching tv, doing anything I can think of that doesn’t involve actual work or social contact with other human beings.

Ordering pizza, maybe watching a pay-per-view movie with my son and listening to my SO swear at his busted motherboard. Probably watch a couple-three ballgames, too.

Anyone wanna come over? We have beeeer!

Probably drinking beer and watching Last Exit to Brooklyn. Unless I get a better offer.

I’ll be spending time in the futile attempt of writing the Great American Play.

Well, if my sibs weren’t going camping, I’d be getting together with my friends and going out!

Wait… this is a “What are you doing tonight” thread, not a “What di you wish you were doing toinght” thread. Oops!

For tonight, I’ll probably be watching TV if there’s wnything on. If not, I’ll be on the computer endlessly… yes, I have no life at all. Of course, I’ll be reading the newspapers and probably skimming through a book. Now, that sounds better!

Nothing on teevee tonight, and my hot tub, nightclubbing and sex days are a good decade and a half behind me. So I shall have the classic Spinster Lady Friday Night: a cup of tea and good book. And I’ll enjoy it, too, in the knowledge that I did all that other stuff whern I was young and full of pep and moxie.

Friends and booze. No hot tub, though. But a Twister mat & a can of Crisco always work in a pinch.


Playing country music with my band - it’s our regular 4th Friday of the month gig in Burbank, CA.

I like two kinds of music - country and western


WOOHOO I get to shampoo carpets!

That’s it! My new name is Pep Moxie Gundy!