I'm going to have a much better weekend than you.

That’s right, loser. :smiley:

I’m going to sit here and browse the web and listen to music for 6 more hours. I will then go home, wash up, put my white t-shirt and jeans (complete with Dale Earnhardt Jr. belt buckle and front tuck) and head to the Pub. The Pub is a honky tonk, yes, just like out of the movies. Last weekend there was an all out bar brawl with about 20 people, 10 of them friends of mine. Tables and chairs were broken but the owner doesn’t care, she’s always drunk and we spend an ass of money. I’ll be singing “My Way”, “Country Boy Can Survive” and “Love Shack” among others on the karoke machine. :smiley:

After a 16 hour recovery period, I’ll pack up my little backpack for a solo trip on Cold Mountain. It’s cold enough that I should be the only one to spend the night. Seriously, click the link. (Doesn’t work at night for obvious reasons)

Sunday morning I’ll pack it up and cruise back to Greenvegas in time to watch the race with 5 or 6 friends.

Can’t beat that, can you?! :wink:

Is the stage at the Pub fenced in with chicken wire? Do they have both kinds of music?

Yes, yes you will indeed have a better weekend than me.

I’d like to say I am happy for you, but the fact that you deliberately reminded me of the inferiority of my own weekend plans makes my thoughts less generous.

I am going to spend the weekend trying to feel better while ignoring my filthy house.

Bruce_Daddy do they check ya for knives at the door and then give ya one if ya ain’t got one? Now, that’d be my kinda place! :smiley:

My mother-in-law, who has been in my house for 5 weeks straight now, leaves tomorrow. Your Saturday might be better but my Sunday is quite simply going to rock.

Yep. Country AND Western.

i’m off to my mates 30th birthday party tomorrow. if it kicks arse like her 29th did, i will indeed have a better weekend than you.
last years went on for 3 days. i nearly got sacked for not coming into work without telling anybody anything.
so there.

My Sunday will pretty much blow because I have to work, but Saturday is gonna rock, if the weather’s nice. I’ll be bopping to the sounds of Radio Disney at the inaugeral St. Louis autism research walk with my family and friends.

Casey1505, there is no chicken wire. The barb of silence wounds deeper than a beer bottle after a poorly sung song. And the rainbow of music is deeply hued, from Sir Mix-a-lot to George Jones to Creed to the Oak Ridge Boys. Yes, I get BB jokes!

swampbear, there is no checking of weapons as there is no need to bring them. There are plenty of pool cues and beer bottles and chairs to be used as weapons.

And I think it’s time lieu grew a pair and ruled the castle like a man.*

And paulberserker, I don’t understand your crazy UK talk.

Interesting that nobody cares about my guru-like solo on top of a +6,000 ft mountain, rather they want to discuss The Pub.

Tequila Mockingbird, all Disney listening and charity must be completed by COB on Friday. The weekends are for debauchery and revelry.

*If it was for medical or financial or some other “help her out” mode, never mind.

Unfortunately, I also have to work tonight. I’m just happy Sat. is going to be change of pace from my usual run-of-the-mill daily life debauchery and tomfoolery :wink:

Are you NUTS?

I’m leaving my office in 20 minutes. To go where you might ask?
SPRINGSTEEN AT SHEA, that’s where. Let me say that again. Springsteen at Shea. Springsteen at Shea. AW MOTHERFUCKING YEAH.

Then, I get up early Saturday morning to hit the gym, after which, guess what I’m doing? I’m going to PA to visit a remarkably cute young woman who is stupid enough to like me, and we’re going to hang out ALL DAY. That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

As if that weren’t enough, though, I leave PA to head to the Upper West Side. What’s there, you might ask? Why, a HOUSEWARMING PARTY for two of my teammates. Good beer, loud music, Ivy League grad-student hotties for the eye-candy. Sweet goddamn.

“Can your weekend get any better, Scrappy?” you might ask.
“It can indeed!” I would reply.
“But how?” would be your response.
My answer would sound something like this.

“Sunday, I’m gonna sweat off my hangover with a nice long early-morning row, followed by steak and eggs for breakfast. Then I’m gonna pop into the city and spend the entire day with my pals watching bad television, playing online XBox, eating wings, and drinking beer.”

Beat THAT. I don’t think you can.

the weekend…

well, to be honest i think i can beat all yours with 4 words.

new girlfriend staying round.

beat THAT one :smiley:

New Condo. Naked Weekend.

i’d call that a draw… :stuck_out_tongue:

Bruce_Daddy, not a single mention of sex. I’m disappointed that such a weekend merits such talk. Heck, toss in a sure-thing noggin, and it ranks up there with weekends-of-a-lifetime type revalries. As it stands, you’ll be drinking with a buncha rednecks talking about chicks. You still have time. Line up some lovin to make it complete.

Last weekend I went home from the Pub with a woman who is my mother’s age. :smack:

I’m still trying to recover, thank you very much.

goddamn I hope she’s not there tonight. . .

I burning your campfire.

A 10 at 2…and a 2 at 10, eh?

“Older women make beautiful lovers” (Belamy Brothers)
Coyote Bait (you would rather chew your arm off, than kiss her goodbye in the morning)

Which was it?

He knows that beauty is but a lightswitch away.