I'm going to try to drink 26 beers today or, Bruce_Daddy runs a marathon

That’s right. I have jackshit to do today. The grass is cut, plus it’s hot as hell out there. I know, I could read a book or even play PS2, but I’m not. Therefore, I have visited my local beer store and purchased a case of Bud Light* + there are some bottles left over in the refrigerator. I’m going to start at 12 noon and go as long as I can. I have planned my television viewing as well. The Clemson/Georgia game is on at 12, the Busch race is on at 2 followed by women’s volleyball. (mmmmmm). I shall report my progress as the day progresses.

All criticism will be ignored. I’m well aware this is a stupid idea.

*Give me a break, there are 26 of them!

I haven’t even started yet! :rolleyes:


I thought you were going to a local microbrewery.

Go Sooners!

Cook the nachoes EARLY; maybe pre-make some sandwiches for later. You should not use the stove later in the day. Hell, you can’t be trusted with the microwave.

Does this idea have anything to do with a cetain fourth grade teacher?

No! No! No! Well, a bit, a bit. She did turn me into a newt!

Alrighty, it’s been an hour and I’m on #4. I started with 2 bottles because the cans were warm and the first can didn’t taste very good. I hope it was because they were warm. I’ve kind of got a rebate buzz, so this isn’t looking good.

And Clemson is getting their ass kicked. :frowning:

26 beers? With breaks? That’s not that difficult, over the course of a day.

Try one shot of beer (1 oz. shot glass) every minute for an hour; see how that works. (keep a bucket handy)

Just remember: 30.5 miles walked/26 beers = 1.173 miles/beer.

Also remember: pace yourself; no point ruining a good drunk.

Have fun, and keep us posted.

Um, you should probably hide the phone.



An hour? Try 100 shots (of beer) in 100 minutes. My friends and I did this a number of times in college. At around 50 or 60, the minutes start coming very quick.

We did it again a few weeks ago for the hell of it. Only 3 out of 6 of us survived to 100.

Forget your hike already? I didn’t mean the marathon. I figured your 26 beers were for the marathon. But since (I gathered) you aren’t doing anything more than sitting around drinking beers, I was just trying to give you something to visualize in order to pace yourself.

You did walk 30.5 miles in the woods not long ago, right?

Do the beers you already drank blot that out, or was this another universe a while back?

Bless you for remembering. You are absolutely right, I’m a moron. I actually still have a bruised big toe nail.

Unfortunately, I have done the math and I can’t pace myself. Observe:

Slow pace = 2 per hour = 13 hours = 1am = too late because I’m going to Darlington tomorrow.

Medium pace = 3 per hour = 9 hours = 9pm = acceptable time to go to bed for race tomorrow.

What’s a drunk to do? Update: we’re on #6 and “over the hill”. The seal has been broken but the Tigers are still losing at the half. Damn SEC refs. . .

You go Bruce_Daddy! I’m with you in spirit (I’ll probably be in the twenties by the time I’m done today as well.)

p.s. I wish I was going to Darlington tomorrow!

And don’t attempt to make a blooming onion today either, no matter what a great idea it might seem like. :smiley:

Thank you for remembering. There are still specks of oil on my oven!

Ok, we’re on #9 and not doing so bad! Hey, I’m still manually coding!. The Georgia/Clemson game has turned into the Georgia/Girl Scout Troop #317 game so football has moved to aux. tv while the main tv is focused on the Busch race. Go #21!

How ya doing there, Bruce Daddy? You can’t be viewing much of the race, what with all those trips to the john. :smiley:

What # are we on now?

Enjoying a wee bit of wine myself this fine Saturday afternoon…

Wanna bet? How would I know the McMurray has crashed, Kyle Busch is the real deal and we just had a caution for a car riding up on another? :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re working on #12 now, getting close to halfway!

WTF is up with the hamsters at 3:15p on a Saturday?!

Oh, and the Clemson Pussywillows just embarassed themselves against the Dawgs. Congrats to the UGA folks.

You crumped (crunked?) yet? (What’s the term, crumped or crunked?)

Que dice? No comprendo.

This isn’t looking good. I’m on #13 and feeling kind of sleepy.