I'm going to try to drink 26 beers today or, Bruce_Daddy runs a marathon

Si Si,
no coma su es o si que es?

Drink caffeine immediately - Coke to the rescue! We’re counting on you, man!

Don’t give up now! Think of all the kids you’ll be disappointing!

No fear. We have Dominos on the way with pizza and coke!

Thank og for Dominos.

Go 99!

I really hope he unplugged the phone

I’m so hip I don’t have a “hard line” phone so :stuck_out_tongue:

And what do you plan to do with the 5-10 pounds you gain from all of those beers?

No problem. They all go to my. . . :wink:

. . .my. . . . . .
You didn’t finish the sentence, you drunk?

So hide the battery.

If he’s not drunk after nine beers he is getting way to much practice.

Yes. And happy. I’ve just finished off 1/2 of a sausage pizza from Domino’s and women’s volleyball is on TV. (Please, like anybody is going to beat May/Walsh).

[Joe Walsh]
:Life’s been good to me so faaaaarrrr!!!:
[/Joe Walsh]

Or was that the other guy?

Bruce_Daddy - you need to be drinking equal amounts of beer, water and caffeine soda (diet) - you won’t gain an ounce, trust me.
Oh, and carbs. Crackers, pasta - pizza is OK but not a lot of meat.

You can do it!


Ok. I’m not capable of counting the empties so I’ll count the ones to go. There are 9 to go not counting the one I’m drinking. I know I’m drunk when I want to start calling people. Props to j66 for the phone advice.

It took way too long to type this. I think I set a world record for hitting backspace. Self editing sucks.

gogo bruce~!

This would be so much easier if you had a funnel.

Totally unrelated to Bruce (I doubt he’s paying attention anymore) why can’t this board have a spell-check? Is it to deliberately slow us down, so we might think twice, hell, even once, before posting?

That’s a little more than 3 an hour. You should be able to finish by 8, 9 at the latest.


I just realized something. I’m going to be sitting in the hot Darlington sun tomorrow dehydrated. Who’s the smart boy? Not me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe I should open the “Ask the drunk guy” thread.

Or not.

Damn, I wish I had seen this thread two hours ago. Someone please keep this open so I can show this to Spoz later tonight as an example of someone who gets REALLY drunk. (I’m too lazy to email him the URL right now)

Bruce_Daddy, I think you ARE going to be really dehydrated doing whatever it is you’re doing at Darlington tomorrow. But then you already knew that. :slight_smile:

“Ask the drunk guy”… now THERE’s a thread idea! (or not)

How’s it going now?


For the dehydration issue, after you’ve reached your goal of a blood alcohol level of antifreeze, just drink as much water as you can, as well as when you wake up. Not a cure, but it helps.