Another secret thread

We’ve done this before (thanks Zebra!) and I thought it’d be fun to do it again. Here’s the old one:

There may have been another one since.

We’ll use email, not PM, so people can make a throwaway email account if they want. If you want to participate, email me a secret (address below), and I’ll post it here. Include SDMB-SECRET (all caps) in your subject line. I’ll delete all emails immediately after copying and pasting it in this thread. I won’t post anything except the body of the email.

Email me at my screen name (remember, 2 i’s, then andy, then 4 i’s) at

I’ll keep doing it until I get swamped with it or bored with it (or if there’s no interest). I’ll headline each new secret with “NEW SECRET” to differentiate any non-secret posts I make.

I like these threads. Such a guilty pleasure. :slight_smile: (Next secret post ain’t me by the way. lol)


Haven’t received any yet!


I’m still amazed I got up the courage to submit what I said last time. Ain’t doing it again. But I do encourage people to read the other thread. It can be scary and cathartic to admit a deep secret to a bunch of strangers, even anonymously.

And it can be scary to read them too. There was one person in that thread who expressed the likelihood that he/she would kill themselves in three years’s time. That thread was four years ago. There’s no way of knowing how that turned out. :frowning:


I once slept with two SDMB Moderators on the same night, in the same room!


My spouse and I have not had sex in 6 years. We love each other, we’re best friends, but sex is not a part of our life. That is not my decision, though. I have not cheated but I think I would if the opportunity presented itself.

Just got done reading the last one. :eek:

Not sure I can take anymore of this.


I have a theory about farts: they follow you. It’s like a rope attached to your butt that only gradually dissipates. So there’s no point blaming someone else unless they’re right next to you and don’t leave the room.


I posted in the earlier thread about my spouse being a conspiracy theorist and putting a lot of stock in Alex Jones. It’s gotten worse: spouse listens to AJ every single day and visits his website. But what’s far worse even than that is, I’m getting sucked into it. I’m starting to think Trump is not so bad. And I’m starting to think, maybe some of the (negative) things I hear about Hillary Clinton are true, or at least not total BS. It’s like in A Wrinkle in Time, when Meg felt her brain being gathered up into IT. I can feel my brain getting gathered up into Trump. He’s a workaholic. He’s not a career politician, so he doesn’t owe any favors to anyone in government. And people are constantly bitching about the economy, so why shouldn’t a businessman be President? I just don’t hate him, and I"m not convinced that we’re doomed.


I am a retired SDMB moderator. I do most of my posting with a sock now. I am nearly certain that one current SDMB moderator knows about it but is choosing to ignore it. In one of the Giraffe Board snark threads, someone jokingly correctly “guessed” it but the post was totally ignored.


I post in the BBQ Pit much of the time. I make it a mental point of never posting in the Omnibus Trolls R Us Thread; while it’s entertaining, I can’t help think less of those who regularly contribute to it. I consider the constant presence of that thread a solemn reminder that if you are hoping for a fight against ignorance, sure, we do that here. You might have to hear some children seated at the middle school cafeteria along the way is all.


I’ve never seen a secret thread before, what a cool idea!

I’ve been celibate since June 2005. And I don’t miss sex.

Before then, I had an extremely active sex life, as In 15-25 times a week. And we weren’t youngsters, I was in my late 40’s and he was in his mid-50’s. Then he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and we stopped having sex. Instantly. Completely. We shared a bed, we hugged and snuggled, but that was it.

After he died I just lost interest. I made some really half-hearted attempts at looking for someone to date but after exchanging 2 e-mails on Match, I was just like … I don’t want this.

And my ex was a total Fox News conservative. And, in hindsight, he could be a real asshole. We fought all the time and it worked for us because we vented every little thing immediately and because of that nothing ever escalated. Then we’d fuck. And fuck some more. Twice a day at least but if the TV program was boring we’d end up fucking on the couch instead of watching. And it was usually boring but we still watched lots of TV.


I am anonymonster. I have an account on the SDMB that is over fifteen years old with over 10k posts and I still post here regularly. People would be very surprised if they found out who I am.

I don’t understand this. What is the secret, exactly? I don’t get it…Are you a celebrity irl or something?

Anonymonster is a notorious poster at the snackpit snark board.

Ahhh, I see. Thanks. I haven’t been over there in quite some time.

No loss. It’s pretty dead.


For just over 3 years I have been in a BDSM relationship with a man who is married to someone else. I am his Domme, and he is my sub. He likes pain: spankings, whippings, beating with paddles, restraints and cock and ball torture,  and urethral sounds. He comes to me for these desires that he cannot satisfy at home. We see each other on average twice a month.

I have absolutely no intention of breaking up or harming his marriage.

I am willing to answer questions.

Are you male or female?
Are you paid to do this?
Are you getting anything out of it (sexual or other)?
Is it strictly BDSM play, or is sex involved?

The use of Domme points to the poster being female.