Another Super Metroid question

This seems teeth gnashingly trivial but its really bugging me and I can’t find the answer anywhere else.
Super Metroid on the SNES. I’m stuck in a really tall room with three small creatures that leap around a lot. I can’t get out of here and I don’t know what to do.Help :confused:

Those creatures are supposed to teach you how to do the wall-jump. Just jump up to the wall, and press the D-pad in the direction away from the wall. Samus should do a sort of jumping pose. Do that, and quickly press jump. Samus should jump off in the opposite direction. Do that repeatedly until you reach the top of the tall room.

next time try . Very helpful site.

If you’re very good at the walljump, it is actually possible to access at least two areas where you’re “supposed” to have the grapple beam…

In Brinstar, there is an area that is sort of pinkish yellowish orangish beige, with a bunch of stuff falling from the ceiling. There is one tall room that has a yellow door to the right, and a missile on the left, which is presumably only accessible if you have the grapple beam. If you’re good at the walljump, you can get to it.

In Norfair, there is a big room with a bunch of little green things that look like eggs. On the left, there is a door (I think it’s green, IIRC) If you are very good at the walljump, you can get into it without a grapple beam, and if you have the freeze beam, you can freeze the little flying thing and jump on it.

Also, in another part of Norfair, there is a place where you fight the miniboss, a 4-eyed red dragon thing. Toward the right, there is a big pool of acid. I think it’s possible to go to the right, hurt yourself a lot in the acid, and walljump to get the item (it’s an energy tank) where you’d normally have to use the grapple beam, but it’s really pointless since that is the area where you get the grapple beam anyway.