Another thought...

If you are not violent, consider those whom you anger,
If you are not cruel, consider those whom you hurt,
If you are not evil, consider those whom you frighten.

Now, consider that when you are angry, or hurt, or afraid, it may be because there is something you do not understand. Seek first to understand, then to be understood. Why is this so hard for so many people?

Of course, it may be that you’re dealing with a dick who needs an ass-whuppin’, but I find that’s usually not the case when I find myself in conflict.

(And yes, I totally lifted that from other folks and rephrased it out of context for my own pruposes. So sue me.)

Words to ponder and scrawl on walls…

This is pretty awesome. Requesting permission to re-post this to my Facebook.

Post away, it’s already on mine.

My dad used to have the short version of this on his bulletin board:



So if you are violent, cruel, evil, you needn’t consider these things?

Seems a little backward to me. The qualifiers seem amiss, somehow.