Another Trump book on the way

This one covers a lot of the transition. The author is Michael Lewis who also wrote Moneyball and other books.

Turns out Trump did not even want a transition since he thought he would have to pay for it .

This is a gem. Not only is this the only true words he has ever spoken, it tells you every thing you need to know about him- that there is only one thing that matters to him: money.

That was also discussed in Woodward’s “Fear”, which I’m reading now.

Not true. Fame also matters to him. One could certainly argue that fame is just a means to make money, but that does show he can reason about cause and effect, so there’s that.

So can my dog, but he’s a happy well-adjusted nice guy who isn’t a danger to the entire world.

I preordered this book several weeks ago and I’m looking forward to it. Supposedly the focus is on the Trump Administration’s decimation of government agencies because if he doesn’t understand it. We don’t need it.

The Guardian has posted a lengthy excerpt.


a good excerpt:

Before any of the calls could be made, however, the president of Egypt called in to the switchboard at Trump Tower and somehow got the operator to put him straight through to Trump. “Trump was like … I love the Bangles! You know that song Walk Like an Egyptian?” recalled one of his advisers on the scene.

If he’d had any sense, he would have delivered a speech declaring that everybody thought he’d lose but he won, repeated a few variations on “neener-neener!”, and then announced that medical issues, perhaps a bone spur flare-up, have forced him to step down.

This is so untrue. He also loves fame, and ass-licking adulation never comes amiss either.

I finished it in one day. Michael Lewis is one of my favorite writers and I found this book very compelling.

It’s not really “another Trump book”. The quoted anecdotes about the transition are really the only direct mention of Trump in the book. (I’m guessing Chris Christie was the source behind those.)
The book is an exploration of the missions behind the various federal agencies (DOE, USDA, Dept of Commerce) that compose the “Deep State” and the ways in which they are being threatened by an incompetent executive branch.

For example, the USDA underwrites billions of dollars in loans for rural development. These loans are made to municipalities and private businesses for things like fire stations and medical clinics and water treatment in small towns and rural areas - services that are needed but aren’t necessarily profitable enough to attract private investment.

The thing is, the beneficiaries of these loans often don’t even know that they are getting a government loan. The loans are administered via banks, who identify applicants that qualify for these loans.

In the name of streamlining, this program is being moved into the Office of the Secretary. The official Lewis interviewed suspects that they want to get their hands on the 200 billion dollar loan portfolio in order to sell it to their Wall Street friends. The program will become privatized and benefits will go to bankers instead of to the citizens that the programs are supposed to help.

There is a similar situation happening with the vast amount of data accumulated by the Department of Commerce. This data is used heavily in weather forecasting, firefighting and farming applications. Private industry wants to restrict the free availability of this data as they greatly profit from applications that use this data. And it’s important, for example, if it weren’t for journalists poring through publicly available Medicare and Medicaid data we probably wouldnt even know we had an opioid epidemic.

The one thing that struck me was that the large majority of the vast number of programs that are being threatened exist to benefit areas that are typically very politically conservative. Because business and industry in urban areas have much better access to capital markets and are much less dependent on the vagaries of climate and weather. Which made me feel better and worse at the same time.

TLDR - I think he should’ve called the book “You Didn’t Build That”. This is a important book, you need to read it. It’s NOT about Trumps personal behavior, it’s about mission vs money.

just like a lot of people in red states like Obamacare and Trump and the GOP want to get rid of it.

They don’t really care who they hurt unless it means they are voted out of office.