(Another) W10 upgrade question

Like everyone else who has not upgraded to Windows 10, I have been getting those “free upgrade” messages on my computer several times a week. They didn’t bother me, I just close them (using the little x in the corner, not any buttons in the message). I currently use Windows 8, which works fine for me.

This morning, without asking permission, my computer told me it was upgrading to Windows 10. Within a few seconds, while it still said “0% progress” and “Do not turn off computer,” I turned off my computer.

When I turned it back on, it did not attempt to upgrade, and it presented me with a dialog box about upgrades in general. I found the setting was at “Install upgrades as soon as they are available,” which surprised me because I never choose that option. I changed it back to “Ask before installing upgrades.”

Question 1: did I damage anything by turning off the computer? It has seemed to work fine and normally since then.

Question 2: how might that setting have gotten changed? Is this something that Microsoft did, or tricked me into doing? Is it likely to happen again, such that I should routinely check the setting once a week or so?

Note: Everything in quotes is really just my paraphrase as best I can remember.

What you should do is download the app in the other thread.



No, you didn’t hurt your computer by turning it off. I had to the same thing Tuesday. Fuckers.

Done. Wow, felt good to delete those Windows 10 folders and files. Thanks.

eta: Oh, and I agree - fuckers.

My desktop decided to upgrade to win 10 yesterday.I’d been ignoring the pop up for some time. Came home and to see the monitor displaying a circle with 80% complete.

My laptop came with windows 8 which I’d never used either so I let that upgrade before I ever used it. I don’t really like win10 but it hasn’t been bad enough to inspire me to go back to 7.

So my two main computers are win10. I’ve lost the battle. I think I’ll survive. Might just be bitter for a bit.

In the system restore, you can actually restore the PC back to the previous version of Windows if it occurred in the last month.

I just did this with my daughter’s laptop and it worked perfectly. I then installed the GWX Control Panel (above) and all is right with the world again for my daughter.

Second the recommendation by samclem for GWX Control Panel for those who do not want to install Windows 10. I installed it several months ago … works great; no WinX nags or auto-downloads, and you can easily change your mind if you want.


Microsoft sent commandos to upgrade the North’s computer today.

On that topic, early builds of W10 are being aggressively pushed to install the latest build.

The latest build was released in early 2015 but canned again , until now.