HELP! Windows wants to upgrade to W10 without my consent!

Windows is telling me that my upgrade to W10 will happen in the next hour unless I reschedule.

I rescheduled…but now it’s demanding that I choose a date between now and March 13.

I don’t WANT to upgrade now. I’d like to preserve the option, but I don’t want it to happen without my consent.

How do I tell these bastards to stop this crap?

This link might help:

Thank you very kindly! I’ve done what was suggested.

(I do intend to upgrade, but I just want to choose when. If I’m careless and lose the chance for a free upgrade, well, that’s my own darn fault, but at least the choice was mine!)

If and when you do decide to upgrade, get yourself a big removable hard drive and use something like CloneZillato back up an image of your entire system. Upgrade problems are pretty rare, but their rarity is no comfort to those that they do actually hit.

It’s been nine months. Just move on, already.

I just did a Google search; the free upgrade offer ends on July 29, so you may want to decide by then.

Download and install GWX Control Panel. It stops all Windows 10 updates and nags – and has a button to click when/if you decide to got ahead and install Windows 10.