Answering biased polls

This is actually something of a parody. I feel in the mood to have a little fun.

Do you enjoy answering biased polls?

Yes. 87% of smart people say yes!

We just got a Organizational Survey at my company. One of the questions was of the form: How well do you agree/disagree with this statement: My company does A which results in B.

My feeling is the my company does a lot of A, but the result is anti-B. If I answer “agree” then everyone thinks that B is happening, but if I answer “disagree”, they implement a whole lot more A!

Drives me nuts.

Jim Cline used to be my congressional rep. I’d regularly get newsletters from him, sometimes with a poll. Most of those times those polls were specifically written to get a majority positive response to his positions and make it impossible to give a non-stupid negative answer.

I just never answered them, because it was super obvious he didn’t want to hear anything other than agreement.

I answered yes. But I lied.

I just answered on today, a survey, and cash grab, from the Republican National committee. As a Democrat it was a good time!

Since we’re discussing it seriously…

Depends how they’re biased, really.

Like this one? Where there’s an obvious ‘right’ answer, but they put the wrong answer in there for the sake of appearances? Brings out the contrarian in me, so I answered.

But ones like the one Chimera mentioned, or the stupid-ass thing Trump did a couple months back, where it’s all just different ways of saying the same thing, or at best slightly shading it from ‘great job, best ever’ to ‘good job, haven’t seen better in a long time’? Binned, backbuttoned, walked away, or hung up on, depending how they’ve tried to rope me into it.

I enjoy answering them with bullshit answers, since they clearly know what results they’ll come up with anyway.

Does this question have something to do with whole vs. sliced pickles?

I was phoned at home by a pollster, years ago, about the Benghazi affair. The questions were painfully leading, trying to get me to say, “Impeach Obama!” I kept giving exactly the opposite answers from what they wanted.

A bit dull, but I took some mild pleasure from it.

I lost all respect for Bernie Sanders when his organization ran a push poll and started asking me biased questions. I blasted them – not just the poller, but her supervisor – for doing something that was not only wrong, but doubly wrong for someone running as a clean candidate.