Have you ever been polled?

I, for one, have never been contacted for a poll on who I will be voting for. And does anyone know how the various polls choose who to call?

I’ve been contacted, repeatedly; I noticed that I was getting a lot of calls that hung up if I didn’t pick up quickly enough, and that when I’d call back I’d get told that said number was no longer in service — and so I started seeing what‘d happen if I picked up right quick, and I’ve wound up speaking to pollster after pollster since.

For a few years, in the 90s, I was on a hot list and got a LOT of polls. (Also pleas for money…) Since then, not so much, but still on occasions.

Before I became a US citizen, I was called a couple of times. After I was actually eligible to vote, never.

Might have something to do with not having a landline for most of the time since I acquired citizenship.

I’m being polled as I type this.

Yep. After we moved I received many calls from my previous state.

I was, earlier this week.
“Are you planning on voting for the best president ever elected, Donald J Trump?”
Hahaha! You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!
“There’s no reason to be rude”
Then they hung up on me.

No, but I’m a Disney survey magnet. Actually I tend to be a survey magnet in general.

Someone passed my number out to political types this year. I received 2 push pols for a local politician and then a call asking if I would vote for them. I’ve also been receiving 3-5 texts a day begging me to vote, or vote a specific way.

I get them from time to time.

Never. I do not answer any phone call from anyone not already in my phone contacts, for any reason. This drives my wife nuts, “What if it were an emergency!?” “What if your sons borrowed someone else’s phone!?” Well then they should be calling 911, that is who handles emergencies, not me.

Gallup did send me a survey with $5 enclosed to encourage me to fill it out, a couple of times. I spent it on beer and never looked back.

Just a moment ago I got a nice call, asking about California propositions and candidates. The caller was clearly from out of state, pronouncing Xavier Becerra as “Beckera” and Alex Padilla as “Padeela.” Otherwise, a pleasant enough experience, pushing a bit for Padilla.

I’ve gotten these calls before. But I’ve gotten annoyed at how long some of these polls took. They really need to limit the number of questions.

Just the Gallup people. Took 10 minutes, the guy was very polite, and I got to toss in my $.02 worth.

I started a similar thread one time. And I’m still put out that no one has ever polled me. (The general consensus of that thread was, “Sheesh, First World problem.”)

Quinnipiac called me once, I don’t think it was near an election

Polled, with two Ls, no. :wink:

All the time. I’ve done political polling before, so I sometimes take the time to answer, and I’m sure that gets me on a list. Last year I participated in a Berkeley study about economic conditions that involved several phone and online surveys, and paid me a little bit of money.

This year I’ve been trying to avoid political news, so I don’t think I’ve answered any of the polls, but I definitely have received some calls.

No, my horns are intact.

Yeah. I have a landline. I’ve voted in every election, even the minor ones, since I’ve lived here. My phone number is on the public list of registered voters.

I get polled somewhat frequently. I usually get one or two “real” polls (that you might read about in the press) and several polls commissioned by candidates in every major election. If I’m not busy when they call, i usually answer them.

Some of the candidate polls are real in the sense that the candidate is looking for information. Some are just push polls. I often hang up on those. The real ones typically feel like independent polls until the end, when there are a lot of questions about Joe Candidate.