Poll: Were you polled?

I for one am deeply, deeply disappointed that I was not polled even once this entire election cycle. Not for the primaries, not for the general election, never. One pollster called me, but I hung up as soon as she started wanting to talk about my grocery shopping habits. Seriously, I’m a likely voter in a battleground state with a land line, why were pollsters not calling me every day?

How about you? Were you polled, how often and by whom?

I wasn’t either, and I was so looking forward to messing with the results. Oh well.

Recent polls show that most respondents haven’t been polled before, until recently. :smiley:

I was, twice. I lied extravagantly but after 15 minutes got bored and asked them to stop.

So if you notice a Badnarik bump in the Bronx, sorry, I’m really voting for Kerry. :smiley:

I got polled twice on the state level. I lied out my ass both times and encourage others to do the same when polled.

Nope, not a single time.

BUT, I also moved in September, and my previous state was not a battleground state, so I understand why I wasn’t.

Once. The question was something like “Do you think the country is going in the right direction or wrong direction?” Kind of a lame poll.

Battleground state here too. No polls. Well, almost no polls here. I did have Moveon.org stop by my apartment building’s main door, they buzzed up and asked who I was voting for and then asked me to hang up after I said.

I asked this of some friends and co-workers both MN and WI and no one seems to be getting polled either.

Nope, but then I’m in a boring state.

Three times, probably mighta been more had I been home to answer the numerous out of area calls I missed.

Today I’ve had at least a dozen pre-recorded calls urging me to vote this way or that, gotta love living in a purpley state. :smiley:

None. I live in California, and (on the weekdays) I have no access to a non-cellular phone.

Three times. Twice were one-question polls: “Who do you plan to vote for in the presidential election?” and one was quite lengthy. I answered all of them honestly. Why would you lie, exactly? I think I’m being whooshed.

I’ve been polled in like the last three elections. In the past, the polls have been more lengthy but this year I got three questions: Will you vote? Are you a Dem or a Pubbie? Kerry or Bush?

I don’t see the point of lying either. What does anyone get out of that?

Got called once.

Once they discovered I was a media guy they ended the questions. Apparently it doesn’t pay to ask media guys.

I was never polled, but then again I live in a solid red state.

I, too, wouldn’t lie if polled. What’s the point? If you don’t want to do it, just say “no thanks” and hang up. :confused:

I was polled. Musta been a random dialer since we’re unlisted. Lots of questions. Right or wrong direction, approve or disapprove, who would be better at this or that, Bush or Kerry. And I’m in a blue state which was probably never up for grabs. (Washington). It was kind of fun. I always used to say to myself, “Who are they polling, anyway? They never ask me!” And then they finally did.

I wasn’t polled. I guess there’s no point, Illinois isn’t a battleground state.

I wasn’t polled either. I’ve never been polled. I guess Illinois is just too predictable.

We should work on making this a controversial state, Kyla.

I wasn’t (dial up and the line’s always busy), but I was at gramma’s when she was. Her answer was “That’s none of your business!”

I guess that makes her one of the +/- 3%. :slight_smile:

I’ve been polled more times than I can remember this election cycle, starting with the primaries. It’s gotten to the point where I answer automatically. I’ve answered at least three long polls in the past two months (and had to hang up on one because it was not, as advertised, a “few” minutes; we were more than 10 minutes in when I had to leave) and probably eight to ten short polls (president and senator). I’ve also been called five times in the past month by my governor, Bill Richardson (twice this weekend alone), three times by Bill Clinton, once by John Edwards, and numerous times by other less stellar politicos from my state and others. In the past week, I’ve gotten three recorded calls per day from an organization or organizations whose name(s) imply forward movement, twice a day by live people from those or other organizations, and, finally, I got a flyer on my door from the League of Conservation Voters, with whom I’ve been canvassing and dropping flyers for two weeks today.

I’m done. When the LCV called me to see if I’d go out with them to remind Kerry supporters to vote tomorrow, I said no. At this point, I’m afraid that if one more person reminds me to vote, I may do violence to them, and I don’t think I can do it to anyone else.

Any bets on when the campaigning for '08 will start?