Have you been polled?

I don’t have a landline phone so I’ve haven’t been called.

I keep seeing polling numbers and I wonder who the pollsters are calling for this Presidential election.

If you’ve taken part in a 2008 Presidential poll:

Have you been called more than once by the same organization? Have you been totally frank in your answers?

Was just called yesterday for the first time. Two questions - how likely are you to vote, and how likely are you to vote for McCain or Obama. Answered honestly.

I’ve been called 3 times for various California propositions, but not for presidential questioning. I’ve been honest every time.

I was called about three days ago. Yes I answered frankly, why wouldn’t I? :confused: I honestly don’t recall who it was conducting the poll.

I was contacted a day later by a democratic campaign worker who wanted to make sure I knew about the early voting hours this week. That’s the only two election related calls I’ve received.

I have a couple of times, plus a few random people with clipboards coming to my door but I didn’t pay any attention to who they claimed to be representing.
I lied to all of them, said “Bob Barr 100% sure”. No further questions.

I enjoy coming up with the most outlandish responses possible to pollsters. They’re slightly more fun to play with than telemarketers, and nearly as useful.

Over a two-week stretch I was called SIX times. I didn’t pay much attention to the organization. The first two times I answered truthfully, the next three times I told them I didn’t want to play, and the last time I answered truthfully.

My daughter got a phone call and answered the first question, “are you registered to vote?” with “no, I’m a convicted felon.” She hasn’t been called since.

I’ve only been polled about the senate race. Nothing at all about the presidential race. This doesn’t surprise me because the presidential polling done around here is mostly done by the college I graduated from, and they mostly polled students living in dorms.

I wish they would stop calling my house. When I am not home, they call and ask for the male head of household. Then they give my wife a hassle if she tells them I am not available. Now she just says “wait a minute” and leaves the phone on the counter until they hang up.

As soon as I hear a recording I hang up. As soon as I hear a live person, I tell them that our number is on the Do-Not-Call list and to please remove it from theirs. Then I hang up.

I quit answering the land line. The pollers can take 15 minutes ,if you answer all they ask. Then the phone rings and another one.

I had some gal try it once, but her technique wasn’t so good, so I turned her around and worked it out the old fashioned way.

I’ve been polled twice for president, once for governor. I can’t remember if any of those were repeats from the same polling company.

They all got honest answers.

And, as Clothahump does, I hang up on recorded calls.