Answering the age old question: will an iPad blend?

This video hurts my soul just a little. And yet, it also brought a smile to my face. I believe my heart and mind are conflicted on the matter.


I hate to see it happen, but I can’t get angry at anything the WIB people do. It just seems to make that guy so happy.

Did they have to break an actual iPad for that?

If they didn’t use the real McCoy, then how would we know whether it blends? :confused:

Absolutely, we have to be rigorous about this kind of testing. :smiley:

That was awesome, I expected him to get out an oversized blender pitcher, but nope!

… God, I really want one of those blenders now.

Yah, this really is excellent advertising. I’m a little surprised the iPad blended, actually. I’d have thought the sheer size of the thing would have made it difficult for the rotor blades to get up to speed.

Does he own the blender company?

Cool idea, by the way. Letterman needs this on his show.

Did you notice in the video that you could still see the keyboard on the iPad after he whacked it two or three times? That’s a pretty tough device!

Heh. I viewed a few more videos, including one where he blended symbolic elements of an entire IT infrastructure – A Vista CD, an Apple mouse, a USB drive, a SUSE plush toy, some cable, a PCI card of some kind, etc.

When he adds some little toy people to represent users, he says, "This is just a representation; if you have fantasies about putting actual users into a blender, please get help… they’re heavy."

I love Blendtec’s videos, but for this one, they might as well have used a prop. When the guy is folding the iPad right before it goes into the blender, you can tell that they’ve taken off the aluminum back panel.