Anyone for an iPhone Smoothie?

You know you want to see it - an iPhone in an industrial-strength blender. So here you go:

Will it Blend? The iPhone.

The “Will it Blend” site is actually an ingenious piece of marketing for the Blendtec blender, a heavy duty blender that will blend just about anything - and does. Some of the videos on the site are great - see Transformers REALLY get transformed. Watch as everything from Bic lighters to garden hoses are blended into a gooey mess.

They made like they were going to blend a crowbar, but did a bait and switch with cell phones instead. Boo!

How come whenever they blend some kind of electronics they get that black smoke stuff toward the end?

I suspect that’s coming from the battery. I’d take him seriously when he said, “iSmoke - don’t breathe that”.

Having black smoke inside them is what actually makes electronics work. To convince yourself that this is true, just observe that if you ever see black smoke coming out of an electronic device, it doesn’t work any more.

He’s a scary man. Make him stop.