Will it Blend? iPhone Edition

Per Slashdot: Mad man attempts to blend an iPhone.

I love that guy. That blender is a frickin’ workhorse. Look at the glow stick one.

Wow the “Will It Blend?” website is pretty cool.

It is. Those things get flippin’ vaporized.
I want one of those blenders. I don’t know what I’d ever blend, but dammit, if I had to, I could.

I don’t know what’s funnier – iWankers crying over someone “desecrating” ( :rolleyes: ) an iPhone like that, or the fact that bidding on the blended remains is currently up to $406.51.

ETA: Huh…maybe that’s not as crazy a bid as I thought. The auction winner also gets a $400 blender, plus a bunch of other promo crap.

It is a commercial for the blender, you know.

Pretty effective one, too.

Yeah, and they’re not above a little manipulation of the truth to sell their blenders.

Will It Blend-Magnets

Youtube rebuttal

I thought those Blendtec videos were so cool when I first saw them a month or so ago. Then I watch the second video and now I’m just disappointed. I’d have been just as impressed if they’d just blended magnets. They didn’t have to lie about what kind they were.

The links are the same.

Gawds I love those videos! I think we may have actually watched them all, from marbles to hockey pucks. That man likes the smoothie setting a little too much…

I’m still waiting for the day 'ol Tom does a little too much mesc.

“Check it…my fuckin’ arm…will it blend?”

Make the nasty man stop.

I’m impressed with the blenders, but I’m not sure I’d want to buy one after it’s blended a bunch of marbles or some such - that is how it works isn’t it? - the ebay auctions are for the blended item and the blender that was used to blend them (which lets face it, is going to be a bit damaged, unless it’s made of unobtanium)

The blender in the auction is a new blender, not used. Here’s the text from the eBay ad.

The “Condition: Used” bit cracks my shit right up. Even if they were giving you a used one, the new jar is $50. It doesn’t look like the motor would have taken much damage in the blending of the iPhone.


Oh, that’s not so bad then. They seem like really good machines - although they look like they were built by a hobbyist.


How so, exactly?

It’s the illuminated LCD display, I think. It looks like one of these - they’re very popular with robotics hobbyists.

Whoops. Where’d my mind go? The correct link for the rebuttal.

Basically the Blendtec video says, “Woo, we’re blending neodymium magnets! They’re so strong!” and the rebuttal says, “Those are not neodymium magnets, they look more like ceramic magnets! Don’t lie and don’t misquote Back to the Future.”

Apparently, the most frequent request Blendtec recieves is to blend a blender. Of course, this will never happen, but it would be pretty interesting. Blender smoke. Don’t inhale this!

I think the phrase “get a life” might be relevant here. Why is that guy so damned upset about what type of friggin’ magnets they are? :rolleyes:

Maybe the guy who made the Blendtec video doesn’t have a PHD in magnets and made an honest mistake in what he called them. Or maybe he lied about what they were. Who gives a shit?