Answers Only Thread

I, uh… I’d rather not say, if that’s OK.

Yes, I put them in the little linen closet in the bathroom.

I tasted it to be sure, and it was definitely not mayonnaise.

They’re ok, but I have to add a lot of seasoning to them, otherwise they’re kinda bland.

I’m sorry I didn’t confirm it before I pushed the button.

Well, I was thinking we’d just have pizza delivered.

Because I had forgotten to take it out Wednesday morning. Now it’ll have to sit here till next week.

I think if we leave by nine, we’ll get there in time.

I just ordered from them for the first time. Wait and see.

It was raining when I woke up, so I decided not to go.

I couldn’t tell you why he decided to take a stupid pill.

Well, yes, but there’s still a lot of terrible things he can do before Jan. 20.

Actually he did tell me his nefarious plans, but I thought sure he was joking.

She’s right here, curled up on the floor by my feet.

I thought sure she was French too, but when I asked her she said she’s Russian.

It just started hurting a while ago, out of the blue. I hope it’s not the same as last time.

Sure, I remember him! Didn’t he end up doing hard time for arson?

I used to have a huge crush on him, back in high school. He’s still kinda hot after all these years.

Yep, I remembered to get it.

Pleasant tropical breeze.