Anthems to sequential threads at dusk

In GQ:

Why is there no great city where the Ohio River meets the Mississippi?
Lawyers and others with criminal law experience


My husband’s grandmother doesn’t want to give a tip
Are vaginal deliveries now ‘out’

Anthems to sequential threads at dusk
Not-So-Famous Last Words


Pubic Convenience
Deep Impact


(Re: this thread title - Emperor?)

Stupid things people have said to you.

Awww, cute widdle doggy!

Lastnight I wrapped my feet in plastic wrap

I’m joining the Freemasons

Gah! Lump(s)!

Pregnant Dopers - how YOU doin’?

Yeah, I was trying to come up with a more mainstream pop culture reference, but could only think of titles that had already been used.

**Wanna see my Puppy?

The Damnit I Want a Dog But I Can’t Have One THread**
Cruel. Too cruel.