Anti-Rant thread

Here’s a place to note good service you got and appreciated.

Orchard Supply Hardware, damn there staff seem to know there stuff. Always are helpful and pleasant. Oh and the women on the checkout are tres sexy :slight_smile:

Continental Airlines customer service woman at the Manchester, England airport went above and beyond to get a flight to Shannon, Ireland when the connections were all screwy due to weather problems. Got a flight on British Airways, no cost.

Wow! Live Journal has been under a DDoS attack for the past day or two. I just re-checked their status site and they noted that they’ve extended expiry dates for all paid members by four days!

That’s very generous, especially as I’ve only just bought a paid account and have only been denied access to it for maybe a full 24 hours, all told. The access has been on and off over the past couple days.

I still can’t get back in yet, but I thought that was way keen.

The sales associate guy in computers & accessories at my local Business Depot. He very kindly and patiently explained to me that re-writable CDs can’t be played back in my car CD player or my stereo CD player*, thereby saving me about 80 bucks, the difference between a couple of packs of 10 CD-RWs and CD-Rs.

Thanks again, dude. :slight_smile:

Oh yes, and that darned nice lady at the local coffee shop who remembers my name when I get coffee, even though she has hundreds of customers a day. And putz that I am I can never remember her name.