Anti-Semitism and the SDMB

Stormfronters, science girl, ccwaterback, “Rabbi” Rosencratz (SF spy), London_Calling’s false notion of Judaism (which he, in a show of class, accepted as false).

Why has there been a revival anti-semitic post(er)s on the SDMB? Or is it just me?

I guess we would have to see some sites.

Here’s the search engine.

As for our friends at SF, it seems they regularly use the search engine and post links on their own forums to troll here. That’s how the “rabbi” got involved in the “stormfront forums are fascinating” thread and that’s why many people refer to them as “SF” rather than “stormfront.”

(yes, I have browsed through their forums. yes, I do feel dirty and cheap and slightly sick to my stomach for having done so.)

Why is London_Calling in this list? He misremembered a posters statement and when he read the thread in question he immediately said so. What’s anti-Semitic about that?

Actually, I suspect that most of your individually listed posters could be grouped under one collective association. Other than that, it’s simple coincidence. A lot of the W N folks have a fixation on somehow keeping Jews separate from whites (by whatever tortured logic) and so a discussion of white separatism is going to introduce more comments from anti-Jewish individuals. Place that discussion alongside the opening of the Mel Gibson movie (which had nothing, in itself, to do with the thread that BrainGlutton opened), and you will add one more level of intensity to the perception. Once we get multiple discussions relating to the “Jewish question,” then people who are already posting on the SDMB who may have their own odd views of Judaism or the Jewish people are more likely to post on the topic.

Some of it is actual opposition to supposed “Jewish” issues and some of it is simple ignorance, but once the topic is on the forum, it will spread to other threads. A few weeks go we had a whole rash of threads on Affirmative Action (with the predictable cries of “racism” from the more extreme partisans of each position). Topics go in cycles and you are simply noticing one of the cycles.

I’m new here, could you please post examples? At least one for each antisemitic member you mentioned, thanks.

I’m not listing London_Calling for being anti-semitic (as far as I know, he isn’t). I’m listing him for his previous, anti-semitic, notion of what the Jewish faith teaches.


One of the links in there is the pitting of the “Rabbi”, showing he is a SF spy.

Ah, please disregard the first link. I lost track of the threads - I apologize.

To hell with it. If you think a link I posted is irrelevant, please ignore it, because it is. I was using them to look for my cites. Again, I’m sorry.

Good time to accidently use my signature though.

Necro Romancer, from what I read in your cites (and yes, some are not that relevant) I would conclude that:

Salvador is an antisemite, and has been banned. Same goes for franklin philly.

science girl is also quite a nasty antisemite.

ccwaterback is also leaning towards antisemitism, but in a way that is very common here in Europe - people who constantly accuse the US and Israel of being the root of all evil. I’m more accustomed to that kind of bias than to the outright ‘jews control the media/world/banks’ crap.

The others you mention in the OP I can’t find in the cites - maybe I need to see quotes. As I said, I haven’t been here that long but the number of people who ridicule antisemites on these boards is way above what I’ve seen in other places.

I agree it has something to do with cycles. But there’s the other fact that WNs and ASs are habitual trolls and griefers. They can’t get enough. Most seem mentally unbalanced. Without proper moderation, nearly any message board will be infected eventually. I used to post on f***, but now it is almost all anti-Indian and AS trolls. Sad.

From the link provided, I don’t see ccwaterback falling into that category.

There are a large number of folks who have zero issues with people who are Jewish, but have a large problem with some of the “hawkish” policies of Israel. That does not make one anti-semitic.

I didn’t see the link referencing London_Calling, but I’ve also never seen a thing from him/her that made me think of anti-semitism. Do you have a cite for that (perhaps it was listed above, but you could be more specific and point straight to the post itself)?

As for the others, tomndebb summed up the cyclical nature of the board topics quite nicely.

He’s worked hard to make the list; don’t deny him the dubious honor.

His anti-Semitism became obvious to me in this thread, where he goes on about the “Jewish-controlled media”. Izzy outed him in this thread for having plagiarized his flawed cites from one or more Stormfront-style websites. He’s subsequently dropped more pearls of bigotry in subsequent discussions.

No doubt he’ll be here soon to rage about how I won’t let this die. The fact is that he has never apologized for his behavior, and as I see from the OP, he keeps adding to it. He’s not a flagrant, fulminating bigot like sweet_willy, ccwaterback and some of the other prizes we’ve had on this board. But the relatively well-spoken, insinuating sorts of bigots are arguably more dangerous.

Moderator’s Note: This is not a Great Debate about anti-Semitism; this is a thread about the alleged views of specific posters on the SDMB. Great Debates really isn’t the place to start threads about specific posters on the SDMB; this is the place to debate ideas. And if you want to start a thread about a specific poster or posters that’s of an accusatory or highly critical nature, the Pit would be the place to do that. Any threads started as a continuation of this discussion need to be in the Pit.