Anti-Semitism in Europe

I’m hoping to get some input from European Dopers specifically, but everybody’s input is appreciated.

Anecdotal reports show there’s growing apprehension among European Jews. In the wake of the recent attacks in Paris four Jews were killed in a kosher grocery and a Jewish neighborhood had all its shops closed out of fear of attack.

The State Department also reports that anti-Semitism is a serious problem in Europe.

Have any of our European members seen evidence of this? Do you agree that this is a major issue, or do you feel like it’s being blown out of proportion?

This NPR article gives a figure of 5,000 Jews leaving France for Israel this year, and establishes that anti-semitic violence among Muslims in France is a cause, though not the unique cause. And this article documents a string of anti-semitic crimes in France, with the “vast majority” committed by Muslims. So while it’s not Kristallnacht Part 2, it is a serious and growing problem.

The idea of a “phobia” is that the fear is unreasonable. Seems like European Jews can’t be accused of Islamaphobia.

Historically, the French acceptance of Jews has been, um, sinusoidal.


The Spanish-born-in-Spain people I know who are anti-Semitic are just xenophobic. They hate everybody who is Not-Them (including people from the next village over), specially those they perceive as being “better off” than them or “stealing” from them, with equal pasion. Since all of them are zero-sum believers, they equate being better off than them with stealing from them, and by “better off” it may mean economically but also emotionally or health-wise or… in other words, they are people who’d be envious of their own shadow because it’s thinner than they are.

With most of the immigrants I know, it hasn’t come up; when it has come up, it’s been with Hispanics and the only two who didn’t have rational attitudes were bad or horrible in other respects. The bad one believed that the moon landings were faked (got slammed with a chorus of “that’s a movie, you moron!”); the horrible one considered that “becoming a whore is the best thing a woman can do” - note that the %(&/&%)/& in question had a 13yo daughter.

FWIW, one of the big heroes of the supermarket standoff was a Muslim employee working for the kosher company, who risked his life to save other employees (at least some of whom I presume to be Jewish). I wonder if that incident can help to serve as a unifying moment.

It probably won’t.