Any Avid XPress Experts out there?

I know this is boring and really belongs in one of myriad message boards out there devoted to Avid, but I’ve been to them all and am desperate for plain English.

Let me put this simply (as I beg for something simple in return- please don’t tell Mensa):

I have made a movie in Avid and would now like to export it so I can burn it on to CD. Actually, I have already exported it. Numerous times. It’s fine when I play it back on the same computer, but not on others.
The problem is the compressor/CODEC (in Quicktime, there is a ‘problem with compressor’ and in Windows media a ‘codec error’)
I am not using the default Avid Codec.
My file is not over 2GB
I would really like to have the file in .AVI format for Media Player, as well as Quicktime.
I’m not in the position to download Codecs to anywhere
What I need, really, is something that is good quality but can be viewed on virtually any machine. This really should be easy, right? Does anyone know what I should de/select when exporting to achieve this (including squared pixels and all that)? Or can you point me in the right direction?

Here’s a link to a site with a screen grab of the Avid Export window, just in case someone out there knows what I’m talking about but can’t recall the exact menu options.

Cat, have you tried other Quicktime codecs? There are many that are standard in all installations of Quicktime. The highest quality is Animation, but Photo JPEG and Sorenson will yield good results, as well.

The easiest way to convert among formats is to fork over $30 for Quicktime Pro. Pro allows you to load Quicktimes and export to another codec, or as AVI. Also, you can load an AVI and export as Quicktime. Well worth the money.

Hope that helps…

Too late!