Any basketball fans??

I was listening to the radio some years ago, and one of the “sports guys” was talking about an “accident” that had occurred in a basketball game the previous night.

Apparently, one of the players, when going up for a rebound, fell back hard onto the court and broke his arm.

The “sports guy” described the fracture has being more painful to look at than Joe Theisman’s fracture on MNF.

Anyone with any further info on this? I don’t know whether this was college or pro.

Clarify a little, and I might be able to help. General time period (obviously after Theismann’s injury), city/state you were in, pro or college. That kind of stuff.

Dang, I could help you easily with players dying or champions or a myriad number of other things. This one could take an effort. I did see a guy lose a finger dunking once. Hopefully that’ll help tide you over until an answer to your question is found.

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About 10 years ago. Don’t recall college or pro. I’m in SC, but it was not local coverage. The local station just happened to be in the network that was airing this program. I don’t remember what the program was, but the sports dude just made the passing comment about the basketball player–and that was pretty much it.