Basketball cheap shot

I’m trying to find a video clip of something that happend about a month and a half ago. It was a college basketball game and the best way to describe it is to paraphrase Jim Rome from his radio show. ( This guy is bringing the ball into the front court and looking to make a pass. The guy guarding him blasts him in the package and drops him like he was shot in the head.) I told this story to several people and they can’t belive it happened. I saw it once on TV but didn’t get it taped. The above description is pretty accurate. So if anyone knows where I can find the clip or what teams were involved, I’d like to show my friends the actual footage.

No video, but here’s the deal

Howard’s Gil Goodrich thought he’d gotten away with a punch to the groin of a Delaware State player in Friday’s Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference semifinals.

He was suspended.