Any catchy songs similar to "One way ticket to the blues"

… by Eruption?

Boney M excluded.:wink:

Well, since nobody else has responded yet, I’ll give it a shot.

I wasn’t familiar with the group or the song, so I had to Google it up and give it a listen. (Here it is.) To me, it had sort of a ska-ey sound (maybe the beat & the organ?) which reminded me a bit of someone like Bad Manners (e.g. “Lip Up Fatty”), though the vocalists aren’t at all similar. Anyway, that’s the best my brain could come up with, even though I’m not at all sure I agree with its answer.

Donna Hightower - This World Today is a Mess

Thanks for the replies.
Hoping to have more suggestions from dopers.

That song is the “one way ticket” to my childhood, when there was no CDs and cassettes ruled.

Player One - Space Invaders