Any dog trainers or dog whisperers who can lend an ear?

There are some things happening at home right now that are affecting my three little lovelies and without going into it all here I was hoping to find someone who would be willing to give me some advice off-board.

If anyone thinks they’re up for the challenge would you mind sending me a PM or an email?

I haven’t much to offer in return other than the undying admiration of myself and three little dogs… :slight_smile:


Can you at least hint at the issue? Is it people-aggression, dog-aggression, fear/anxiety issues?


Feel free to shoot me a PM and I’ll try to help (bear in mind the typical cautions about advice given over the Internet).

There’s a lot of dog owners here, and possibly a few experts. So what’s the issue with your dog ? Nothing will shock anyone here… is he a humper, is that it ?

Why all the vague, covert secrecy? It’s just dog behavior, right? Is the dog a celebrity or something and wants to protect his privacy? You could use a fake dog name.

“I have this dog, whom I’ll call “Rover” although that’s not his real name…”

I would imagine it’s from a reluctance to publicly say anything about the people situation that’s causing the dog behavior, not the dog behavior itself.