Any Dopers playing Majestic?

I’m looking for Dopers who are playing EA’s game, Majestic. Anyone?

I did the demo…Tripped me out.

As soon as payday gets here, I am signing up.


in a few months, they’re going to release the game as a shrinkwrapped type product - instead of the subscription style month by month thing that I got suckered into. If you really want to play, I’d wait for that.

I get to play for free as a beta tester. I can’t say anything about the content of any episode until that episode gets released to the public though. The only advantage of buying the CD is you don’t have to wait between episodes. You can roll right into the next one. I think the CD comes with episodes 1-4. Gameplay is still the same online experience.

I’m in episode 4 right now. My opinion of the game is that it’s way to easy but mildly entertaining. Episode 4 does have some harder puzzles in it but the first three are ridiculously easy.

The boxed version is already released. My AIM is charke2.

I’m on 4.09 right now. I was looking for Dopers to add to my Allies list. AIM is charke2.

Actually the boxed 1-4 episodes were what I was referring to getting on pay day. Give me 4 days **throatshot[/b.

In that case you can add MajesticGut. What else would it be?

I played the up to about 2.15 or so, then cancelled my subscription. I didn’t think games could possibly be so easy. There were no puzzles, just instructions to follow. There were insanely obvious hints for EVERYTHING, and it was just so simple that it got boring.

I don’t have the game, but I’ve contacted a few players who posted their AIM handles and sent them on wild goose chases and/or gave them weird and cryptic hints. Great fun.

Episodes 3 and 4 are actually much better, and some of the puzzles are actually quite difficult.

I just started Episode 3 last night. I agree that most of the puzzles have been easy [except for some of those Solitaire e-mails]. But I’m sticking with it because I think it’s a great format, and I’m still having fun.

I was shocked at some of the IM conversations I’ve had with the game. They can be real dense sometimes, but a couple of them have been almost indistinguishable from a real person.

I’m ServoHA on AIM.