Any entrepreneurs out there?

I’m taking a management class in which I have to interview an entrepreneur/business owner. The questions are basic about your education, why you chose to do this, etc.
The most interesting people seem to be on SDMB so I knew this would be a good place to look.
Would anyone be willing to let me interview them? We could do it via PM or email!
I’d definitely be appreciative!

Entreprenuer here. Currently bootstrapping my fourth firm. Of the other three I sold one, shut down one, and one is still in my hands.

Drop me a line and I’ll be glad to be interviewed.

I’m a small business owner. I guess I qualify as an “entrepreneur” because me and my partner just up and started this business 6 years ago and we’re still here, running this business, by ourselves, as our normal everyday 9-5 jobs (meaning, this isn’t “side work” for either of us.) I did not go to school for business and I did not go to school for this type of work.

Feel free to PM me too.