Any experience with large & multiple drive cataloging programs?

I have about 26TB of computer data on about 20 SATA hard drives plus an unknown amount on DVDs. I can’t put all of them online at once, but I need to have a master database of their contents so I can find stuff and junk duplicates.

I wrote a program to do this once, but it was limited to the 8.3 DOS names. I need something newer, bigger and better, and don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

Anyone have any recommendations? I’m familiar with, and other reliable and safe sites, but personal opinions would be better than reading the descriptions. Cheap is good, free is better.

Basically, I need to be able to connect one hard drive or DVD at a time and run the program, which will add all filenames with paths to the master database and tag all with the drive or DVD’s label name. Size of file, date of creation would be desirable things to store, and of course the database must be either searchable, sequenceable (alphabetized) or exportable to something that I can search and manipulate with other common tools.

Any thoughts?

You might want to have a look at WhereIsIt. Hope this helps!

Thanks. It looks like they want $40 for that (not bad, but not free). Have you used it?

I haven’t used it very much myself. I do have a user in my plant that uses it to keep track of all of our embroidery files and has been for years. It really helps her to find things quickly from the thousands of embroidery files she has.