Any "get-rich" books for 20-year-old Canadians?

Yesterday I was watching Oprah and was reminded that I had been looking for a “get rich” or “live financially secure” book. There are many of these types of books out there but I never buy them because they’re targeted to people who’ve graduated university and have careers. Also, many of them are written for Americans.

I guess I could go see a financial advisor but I really would like to have a book to read. I know nothing about the best ways to save money at my age and situation (little money, unstable income). What savings plans work for me? Any lesser known sources of money or savings opportunities?

Any help would be appreciated!

There’s the Wealthy Barber, which came out some years ago, but is still relevant.

But any long-term no-pain wealth accumulation plan is pretty standard: take 10% of your regular paycheque, and dump it into a high-interest savings account (or Term Deposits on a 5-year-plan, or something), and take another 10% and stick it in an aggressive stock portfolio for your retirement (should that ever actually happen 50 years from now).