Any "Golden Girl" Fans? ID this guest star...

I’m hoping fans of this show may know the actor’s name who played an agoraphobic in one episode when Dorothy volunteers to deliver for Meals on Wheels. He reminds me of Howard Hessman’s character “Johnny Fever” from “WKRP”, but this guy is a little stockier. Any idea what his real name is? Or, his character’s name in this one episode? Last, maybe someone can at least tell me what else has he been in?

Martin Mull

Martin Mull?

He’s been in a ton of stuff: Roseanne, the movie Clue, just a ton. Check out his bio on the IMDB link.

A little-known actor named Martin Mull. Presumably after he shot this episode, he realized it would never happen, packed his bags and became a school principal or started a loose meat diner. Heck maybe he joined the military and became a colonel. Who knows.

From the documentary film “Tim’s Vermeer”, it appeared he became a painter.

He could do (and has done) pretty much everything. You just never recognized him.

To me, he’ll always be Barth Gimble:

Here’s the IMDb page for the episode in question, Season 6, Episode 4, “Snap Out of It”:

He also was a successful songwriter. This is his best-known work.

He’s also a painter.


I liked Garth better.

I realize Fred Willard provided a lot of the humor on “Fernwood Tonight” but his dumb act only worked because Martin Mull was so freaking sharp.

Also very good(as dj Eric Swan) in one of my all-time favorite films, “FM.”

Fred Willard was also on The Golden Girls as Blanche’s date in one episode, and Martin Mull’s husband on Roseanne.

Thanks! He’s one of several actors that pop up, but I never catch the name.

He also played Russell the pharmacist that got 2 1/2 Men’s Charlie Harper the prescription for marijuana.

And he was gainfully employed in this season (the fifth) of VEEP. (He seems to be one of those actors that people want to work with, and write for.)

He was also Gene Parmesan, Lucille Bluth’s private detective, on Arrested Development.

Also, the best drawer EVER on “Win, Lose or Draw.” Watch him here, as the clue-drawer in the speed round:

Martin Mull

My Favorite Martin

Rio, by Martin Martin

Martin Mull for 20 minutes in 1960

20th Century Mull Ray

Hi, Martin!