Any good April 1 posts/sites?

So, the SDMB has more accurate forum names, Google has changed their name, and xkcd has changed it’s interface (watch out for grues!).

Any other good posts or website changes for today?

(And for that matter, any interesting things to type in on xkcd?)

This one made me giggle:

Starbucks introduces new drink sizes

display 1 (or any number <721)
exit (ends session)
rm welcome.txt

Well, there’s always John Hopkins…

Here’s a running tally.

There’s a monster in front of my webcam.

Questionable Contentchanged their layout today.

Blizzard added a few new games and features to WoW. Unless these are real, in which case… wow.
Blackthorne 2: Thorne Harder Matchmatching
As well as some new merchandise: WoW Snuggies?Deckard Cain GPS

Gordon Brown gets tough!

Step outside Posh Boy!

cheat resulted in saying that I got free shipping. I don’t have any money to check it, though.

You can also go various directions. (But don’t say I didn’t warn you earlier)

Youtube has a new Text format for some vids.

Homestar Runner used to do something every April 1st but that doesn’t seem to be the case this year. In fact, there hasn’t been any new material there since December 1, 2009.

Here are what somebody considers the top 100 public hoaxes over the years. Some are pretty good. Of course, maybe this list is a hoax too?

PTI lead off its broadcast with a report that Tiger Woods was resuming his birth name of Eldrick as a way of distancing himself from his old image.

And I’ve posted too soon since HR redid its intro into something “edgier.”

Qualcomm’s Wireless Convergence.

Is this the official thread for reporting good AF pranks? Personally, I like the products that ThinkGeek brings out every April 1 because they are funny and clever, and occasionally they make real versions…


The HR Wiki says they’ve updated a few times between these two.

Anyways, I just provided the link to you can get to the prank now that it’s over. It’s in the “What’s New” column.

The full list is always available at