Seen any good internet April Fool's pranks today?

Every year, my favourite sites usually have some form of prank. My most favorite is Coming Attractions by Corona (Linkety link).

They USED to have fake movie reports every April 1st, but now they’ve moved to Cinescape, and I can’t %$^&ing find anything on that site. If anyone here knows where I can find this year’s fake movie listings (if they exist) that would be helpful.

Also, I’d like to see some other websites that changed their usual content for today.

Oh, I must say the worst April fool’s day joke today is Hotmail’s. The site’s been unreachable all $%^&ing day…:dubious:

I know. I hate it that they moved.

I think it must have gone out of style to do April Fool’s jokes this year.

That’s the only signifigant one I’ve seen. They claim to have changed their name. Funny thing is, last year at this time, they were the GIA and they did shut down(for real) on April 1.

typically, the Metallica fansite Intersandman ( published an entire page of spoofed news, which was pretty funny. I don’t know if they’ll do it this year or not, but as of right now, there’s nothing out of whack. I’m currently plotting dirty tricks and chicanery ( word of the day, which is definately no coincidence) around my office, so I’m not that concerned with the lack of web lampooning.

A friend of ours saying he’s quitting his very popular local band. He scared a few of us.

Check out
The site sells IT type stuff - the stuff for “sale” today is pretty funny if your a technical type.

I was bored at lunch so I changed my site for the day. Link is in the profile - I don’t want to cross the line in to full-out whoring here. :smiley:

Chez Mark is in Arabic or something similar, but eventually redirects to the English version

I just went to . At first glance it looks like a porn site. Since I am at work I panicked and immediately closed it, thinking that maybe I had entered the URL wrong by one letter (there are “typo” web sites which purposely rely on people’s mistyping the URL so that it leads to something else, usually a porn or spam site). Just to be sure I checked again and was brought back to the same porn-looking site. Even though it’s not actually porn, it looks wayyyy to porn-ish to look at while at work, so I think I will hold off looking at it until I get home.

Locus Online has some pretty funny news items, if you know the SF field.

For those geeks who know rpg doesn’t always mean “rocket propelled grenade”:

I thought that this one was pretty good.

Pretty funny.

Yeah, Steve Jackson had me half going until I got to the fourth sentence in that item. “Increasingly creaky” game my ass! :wink:

The whole front page of slashdot appears to be joke articles, including a new whitespace only programming language.

Google’s put up a different headline for today. Click at the top (on “Google”) to see their normal main page.

Its clean- the stories are purposely bland, but with the lurid style of font and color somebody once told me was common of porn sites (yeah that’s the ticket. . . ).

“Back to back chair action”"

“Drinking Glasses at awkward angles!”


I just want to make it clear that there are NO April Fool’s Day posts on Monitor Duty, the comic book news and comment site.

Absolutely none.

None whatsoever.

Honest and for true.
You can stop reading this post now, because I don’t know what you’re looking for. You want an April Fool’s post? I doubt you can find one at

And even if there WAS, what would be the point of telling you? I mean, what would be the bloody point of pulling someone’s leg and then telling them “There’s a jolly good leg pull over at, wot wot!” and then they click over in advance thinking, “Ah, here’s the fake post.” What would be the bloody point of that?

I’ll be sure to warn you in advance of your surprise birthday party that everyone’s throwing for you, too, so you can put it on your calendar.

I mean, really.

Isn’t a porn site anyway? :wink:, home to the famous StrongBad Emails, did a pretty decent one today. They replaced their site with a theme based around The King Of Town, one of the smaller characters in their arsenal.

And there’s a smaller site, to boot; whereas the menu normally says, “Toons, Games, Downloads”, today it says, “Toon, Game, Download”. They even replaced the opening Flash animation/theme for the day.

It’s fun to click around, but StrongBad fans will especially want to pay attention the the “E-mail” section today.