Any idea why my new old ipod touch won't update past version 2.1.2?

A friend of my wife offered her her old ipod touch. My wife, however, had just recieved a free 4th gen ipod touch for having opened up a bank account at the right place at the right time. So the old used one went to me instead.

I’ve identified it as a first generation ipod touch.

When I plug it into itunes, though, it says it’s got “software version 2.1.2” installed. Elsewhere online, though, I see that first generation ipod touches have a version in the 3.'s as their latest update.

When I tell itunes to update the 1st gen ipod touch, it insists the thing is fully updated.

Any idea what I’m missing here?

After typing the above I checked and I see that the ipod is almost completely full. Is it possible once I get rid of wife’s friend’s music the freed up space will allow the OS to be updated?

(Will it really make much of a difference if I update the OS anyway?)

Also, is there a way for me to grab some of wife’s friend’s music off this thing before clearing everything out of it? Or are things arranged somehow such that once I have the ipod touch linked to my own account information there’ll be no way to access any of the music that was purchased under her account?

This link seems to indicate that it’s a paid upgrade.

You might try the Genius bar if you have an Apple store nearby, or just ring them.

For getting music off it, Google for Senuti .

Here’s the guide I used to update the iPod Touch firmware for free.

Before you connect the thing to itunes do this: