any 'Impractical Jokers' fans out there?

Two pretty easy words to search on, and I haven’t seen a thread that exists yet.

When I first saw the previews for this a year (or two??) ago, I thought - no way in hell would this be something I’d find humorous. But I have to admit that this has become one of my few shows that’s DVR-worthy, and one of the few “comedies” on TV that I find myself uncontrollably laughing along with.

Any other fans of this show out there in Doper-land?

I too watch the show and it regularly makes me laugh. I was wondering if the show will get harder to make as more of the public start to recognize the guys and will play along with the gags. If I ever were in NY and saw them filming I would certainly play along.

My BF and I discovered a marathon of shows last NYE, in fact, and we watched all night. I love it and we always DVR it and watch a few in a row. The gags are outrageous and it just makes me laugh and laugh.

My dad and I love it!

I’m a fan, glad a new season is starting. Some the gags might fall flat, but even then the guys look like such idiots that I still enjoy it. And some of the gags are pretty funny, actually.

I know I’m waking up a zombie but I wanted to bring this up and found this existing thread.

I recently discovered this show and it’s hilarious. There aren’t many shows that consistently make me laugh out loud like this one.

Is anyone here currently watching this?

It seems to run on a loop on one of the channels and I occasionally see a new one. I like the behind the scenes or inside joke episodes as they show bloopers when they get recognized etc. We have laughed out loud a few of the pranks. The new Candid Camera.

There are a lot of clips on YouTube.

This is one of my favorites. Sal is being punished for being the episode’s loser. He thinks that his punishment is reading some embarrassing passage from a book in public.

LOVE it!! It’s one of the few shows that my husband and I watch together and both laugh out loud. One of our favorite pranks is when they’re playing a receptionist and calling names out. OMG the made up names they come up with are hilarious. What we are continually amazed at is how many of the people just sit there with sourpuss looks on their faces. If I was sitting there and heard those names being called out, I’d be laughing so hard I’d fall out of my chair!

Oh yeah, we love it. We used to watch it all the time on TRU, where they show(ed?) it constantly, but now I think it’s on another channel? We just moved so I’m not sure.

But yes, good stuff, and I have friends who have seen them in person (not filming, doing their live show) and love them.

I watch it on Tru TV.

It’s still on TruTV nearly constantly. I’ve been watching it with my kids since the first season. I’ve got so many favorites segments I can’t begin to describe them all. I think my current favorite punishment was when they handcuffed Q to a mime for 24 hours, which included a train trip, 2 live shows, and a night in a hotel room.

I think this was probably the worst punishment.

I like this one. The others would probably be thrilled to do it, but for Murr it was sheer terror: