ANY minority celebs picking Clay?

Every non-white celebrity I’ve seen interviewed about American Idol is picking Rueben.

Wouldn’t it be nice if just one or two celebs of color would pick the white guy?

What if they think that Clay sucks? I am of the opinion that Clay’s smarmy, aggressive, goofy suckitute has the awful power to transcend all cultural barriers.

But I’m white.

Every white celebrity (with the exception of Josh Gracin) I’ve seen is pimping Ruben, too, so it’s not just limited to the minorities.

Is Josh Gracin a celebrity? :confused:

Clay is lame. He looks like a badly carved ventriloquist doll.

There are ventriliquist dolls that are well carved?

There are real celebrities that watch American Idol? And that actually care who wins?

If so, then gosh, I’m cooler than real celebrities!

Somehow I doubt you are cooler than Quentin Tarantino.

Interesting racial divide that I noticed. Not only were there no minority celebs who were publically rooting for Clay (that I saw), none of the minority “talking heads” who were shown during tonight’s final episode were Clay fans, either. There were some non-minorities who were for Ruben, but not the reverse.

Ruben will win.

Clay will hit broadway in a couple of years.