Any NYC dopers following the case of the missing fashion designer, Jay Ott?

Information in this article:

I’ve been seeing the ads all over the subway and it’s all over Facebook (I went to fashion school and have a lot of friends who work in the industry). He looks like a nice, friendly, hipster guy who looks like 90% of the men in Brooklyn so I feel like there are probably “sightings” everywhere.

I admire the family’s persistence and optimism however, is it at all likely that someone could go to rehab or a shelter and not have staff attempt to contact family members? I hate to sound like a horrible person, but if he was last seen crossing a bridge then odds are he is in the river.

There was an autistic boy who went missing from his school (due to negligence on behalf of the school) and after months of searching his body was eventually located when it washed up. Strangely, another fashion designer also went missing recently and his body was in the Hudson River where he parked his houseboat. Alcohol related accident. I hope for the best for this guy, but I would not be surprised if he eventually washes up somewhere.

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