Any Oakland Raiders fans? If so, help.

Hi there. My brother is an Oakland season ticket holder. I want to get him some Raiders items, but I’m not sure what would be a good present for a Raiders fan. Do they consider it lame to make a strong showing with Jerseys and shirts and the like; or do they prefer hardcore makeup? Here is a link, tell me what you think would be a nice gift for a fan.

Nothing like waiting 'til the last minute. (Like I’ve got any room to talk on that score.)

Get him the embossed Raiders checkbook cover. That always goes over big in the lines at the beer stands at the Oakland Coliseum. I can just hear the tough guys in line saying, “Oh looky, he’s got an embossed Raiders’ checkbook cover.”

Better still, get him a Raiderette’s home phone number. No wait, forget about your brother, get ME a Raiderette’s home phone number.

Phooey on the Raiders!

Get him an Elway jersey. Sure to stand out in a crowd. :smiley:

aw… I’m just frustrated 'bout yesterday and that MNF debacle…

( longtime Broncos fan :frowning: )

I used to photograph Oakland Raiders games, and when I was on the field, I must have been hit with, what, a couple dozen embossed Raiders checkbook covers a game. “Eat my embossed Raiders checkbook cover!” they would say in disgust.