Any of you folks have a Parmesan cheese grater you're fond of? (Difficulty: No microplanes)

I’m in the market for a parmesan cheese grater. Looking towards one of those hand cranked models.

So if you have a model in your kitchen that’s worked well for you, I’d very much appreciate your suggestions.


Sorry - I use microplanes of various sizes, but then I rarely have to grate large amounts of parmesan.

How much cheese do you grate at a given time? Is a small handheld rotary grater sufficient or are you looking for a countertop model?

We’ve had a Zyliss rotary grater for almost 15 years now and it works great! It also cleans up easily and the link I posted is better than ours in that you can use it left or right handed.

@swampspruce, I use a similar Zyliss, affectionately called “The Cheese Weasel” in this household. It gets a lot of use, and we find it easy to use and clean, and very reliable. The Mrs. once tried to upgrade us to a fancier one with more bells and whistles, but it just confused me. So out the window it went.

We also have a basic microplane type grater for when the amount needed is smaller. But mostly we use the Cheese Weasel. As it’s rare to need a small amount of cheese here.

We use a similar Zyliss. We got it more for nuts but it works for hard cheese very well.

Another satisfied Zyliss user.

I have an electric one since I find myself having to shred/grate large quantities occasionally and my hands and wrists don’t like it much: Homdox Electric Cheese Grater, Professional Salad Shooter Electric Slicer Shredder, 150W Electric Gratersr/Chopper/Shooter with One-Touch Control | 5 Free Attachments for fruits, vegetables, cheeses: Home & Kitchen

I love this thing! If I want a fine grate, I use the finest shredder attachment and put the shreds through a second time. Works like a charm and it’s way faster than doing it by hand.

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I went with the Zyliss.

Although, @romansperson 's suggestion makes me kind of droll. But alas, I already have too many gadgets on my counters.