Any other Steve Forbert fans around here then?

I was talking to someone in a shop from Georgia in the USA and I couldn’t believe she had never heard of Steve Forbert. He is of course the truck driver from Meridian Mississippi and I like his songs of course. I’ve seen him live and he played the harmonica and of course I wish I could play the harmonica like that. Anyone else ever seen him? And what albums do you like? What albums? And what lyrics and I like the way he laughs as well and anyone else tell me about his songs his songs and more things about this then?

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Well, that and how I haven’t heard about Steve Forbert since 1979, so I’m not surprised they never heard of him.

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Never heard of him.

(ed: I thought you were talking about Feeb Storberts.)

Never heard of him then.

(Or now)

I knew exactly who our host was talking about and what he looked like two seconds after reading the title. Not a Google-level retrieval time, but okay. I think he’s bigger in Yurp and UK these days.

Agreed. I recognized the name and my first thought was “Is he still around?”

Wow, I’d forgotten about him! How I loved Romeo’s Tune way back when…

I know most people only know him for one song, but the album The American in Me is a goddamn classic.

A neighbor friend of mine is a big fan, and he convinced me to join him and his wife to catch SF at a small club nearby…this was about two years ago. He puts on a very enjoyable show, although not extremely memorable - I’m pretty sure he was solo. Earnest, funny, and entertaining - plus I like his voice. Really only knowing Romeo’s Tune before, this one stood out:

The Oil Song

Big fan of Alive on Arrival and the next couple then lost track of him. Saw him in a small club last January…very engaging performer. He’s still putting music out.

Never heard of him.

Just went to listen to Romeo’s Tune in case I knew the tune and not the name. Nope. Never heard of him or that song.