Any Place To Get A Deal On Flash Drives

I am one of those people who is constantly losing flash drives.

I read in a thread here about Monoprice, which is a great place online to buy cables really cheap.

Does anyone here know of an online place to get flash drives cheap? Or at least some kind of deal on them.

Most of the places I’ve searched sell for about $1.00/gig.

If you have a Microcenter near you, check them out. Or their website. (formerly Egghead) often have good prices, too. Also Tiger Direct.

And you might want to follow the CNET Cheapskate Blog, which features a great deal every day, generally on computer peripherals.

Check out Deal News’ flash drive feed. They’re a great deal aggregator.

I like also but I’m pretty sure that it’s got nothing to do with Egghead.


I sit corrected. Thanks.