Any practical jokers out there

When my cat got a broken leg a few years ago, I put the litter bowl on the floor in my kids room since it could not navigate steps. My wife bitched saying he would poop allover the rug.
One day I unwrapped a tootsie roll and laid it next to the bowl. When my wife walked by she saw it and screamed about it. I walked in trying to be penitent saying how she was right and I would clean it up. I walked over and picked it up with my fingers and then took a bite telling her it was some really good shit.
Anyone else got a dangerous sense of humor.?

Many years ago, when we were young and foolish, my wife made a big batch of Manicotti, and put the leftovers in a glass pan, and covered it with foil. As any doper would know, the acid in the tomato juice reacted with the foil. (I was twenty years away from being enlightened by the dope). She saw the problem, lost the foil, and cut away all the parts that touched the foil, she then saran wrapped the rest. So I cut a square of the pasta and put it on a plate, then took a fork and bent it back and forth until the part with the tines broke off. I threw the the tines in the trash, and stuck the handle into the pasta. Left it on the counter for her to find. When she found it she bitched about having to clean up after me, and pulled the handle out. It was only four or five seconds before she figured out she had been had, but I swear that few seconds of her asking herself “Could it be” was worth the price of the new silverwear ( Stainless steel ware) I had to buy to smooth things over.

Yeah, I’m really bad. One of those people that goes too far sometimes. We had a small family gathering one night. When it got late my cousin decided to head home. I was first to give her a hug and say goodbye. As she went down the line of family members, I ran out the kitchen deck, around the backyard, and into the backseat of her car. She got in, started the car, and I reached out and grabbed her from the backseat screaming, “Give me your money bitch!”. Good times.

You know what would have been a great practical joke if your wife was a practical joker? :wink:


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